Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nat Arem Promises More Poker Cheating From Absolute Poker!

Pocket Fives administrator Nat Arem, one of the people responsible for uncovering the superuser scandal at Absolute Poker, said in a post at P5s that more details likely will be uncovered regarding cheating at AP and UltimateBet and said he wouldn’t blame people who don’t want to play at either site.

He was fairly vague in his post, but Arem is about as plugged into the situation as one can get.

Here’s some of what he said:

I reallllllly want to tell the whole story as I know it, but I can’t. In fact, telling the whole story as I know it could jeopardize the whole outcome of this situation. Once the facts are revealed, people will understand why I can’t say what’s going on right now. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

Okay, now that I’ve said what I can say, I also want to say this: If I were you, I probably wouldn’t play at UB or AP right now either. I can perfectly understand the frustration on the part of the players in a situation such as this and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to boycott the site until you’re satisfied the site is safe. In fact, if you believe that a company that allows (not necessarily intentionally so much as ignorantly) cheating to go on at some point is unable to ever clean itself up, then you should never play at either site ever again. Make no mistake about it — there was blatant cheating on both AP and UB in 2007 and if the players never spoke up, nothing would have ever gotten refunded or fixed. That’s obviously inexcusable and it’s up to AP/UB to show that it has made things right and that it will be clean going forward.

And later in the post, talking about AP’s and UB’s efforts:

Although it may be too much to ask, give them some more time to get everything in order — imo, there’s a good but unfortunate reason for why they’ve taken so long. However, for the time being, I completely understand anyone who wants to cash out from both sites and take a wait-and-see approach. It’s exactly what I would do.

Here’s his post at P5s.

Arem does say that he believes both AP and UB are trying to make right for the past, and they’re trying to make certain “superuser” cheating doesn’t happen again.