Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Cheat Fallout From Harrah´s Announcement to Delay 2008 WSOP Final Table!

The poker world and poker cheating world is still abuzz about Harrah´s decision in cahoots with ESPN to delay the 2008 WSOP final table for nearly 4 months after the Final Table players are determined. Everyone is talking about the numerous cheating opportunities that will breed during that long lapse in time before the final table convenes in November, especially those concerning collusion and deal-making, which will undoubtedly spawn whipsawing, soft-play, and chip dumping among other nefarious tactics to cut-up the tens of millions in prize money before the first final table round is dealt.

Personally, I am 100% sure that all this cheating will occur. Don´t forget, a former WSOP main-event champion was once my casino cheating partner before he lucked out in the professional poker world. Of course I cannot publish his name, but I will tell you that I spoke to him yesterday, and he assures me that even the biggest poker names will be involved in WSOP collusion, about which I have written magazine articles and detailed in my book Dirty Poker.

After all, when you´re talking about so many millions of dollars in prize money at stake, it will be hard for even the most successful professional poker players to look the other way if they find themselves at the final table. So, believe me, the cheat deals will be in the making long before the first card is dealt at the 2008 WSOP final table...In fact, probably just seconds after the last player is eliminated from the tournament in July!