Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Live Strip Poker Coming Online!

Live Strip Poker Cheats Coming Online Soon!

Why Cheats? Because anyone willing to strip while playing poker has got to have cheating up his or her sleeve...or up somewhere given the fact that at various times in the poker games the participants will only be wearing their birthday suits! Get it?...I mean totally nude. The opportunities for cheating will be endless...or should I say topless...and bottomless! Whatever the case, you want to know what I´m talking about, right?

Well, there is serious talk about a new online poker room that will offer strip poker in real virtual reality online...whatever that means! I don´t know whether this is going to involve webcams, animation, virtuality, imagery or whatever else, but what I do know is that there will be plenty of "strip cheats" out there online ready to strip away your clothes, virtual clothes, money or virtual money, or whatever the heck this is going to be about. In any case, it sounds like fun and maybe some of you diehard online poker players will be sucked and tantalized away from PokerStars, Bodog and Ladbrokes to try your luck stripping away at your opponents´ clothes instead of chips...Oh yeah, I don´t know if this new strip poker site will be straight, gay, bi, all three or whatever...I don´t even know the name of it for sure, but I have heard that it will be called

Stay tuned...or should I say "stay dressed!"