Sunday, May 04, 2008

Foxwoods Stung by Major Craps Cheat Scam!

It seems that Connecticut casinos have been getting hit hard by cheats the last few months, both from the outside and from their own dealers. After some major poker card marking scams and blackjack cheat episodes, now we have another cheat caught at the craps tables--and it´s a Foxwoods Craps Dealer! And it´s a WOMAN! I love women casino cheaters; the ones I worked with were the best!

The former craps dealer at Foxwoods is accused of cheating the casino out of more than $50,000 by paying players for pastposted bets (late bets) after the dice were rolled.

Mattie Tarlton, 42, of 57 Berkley Ave., New London, was arrested back in December for first-degree larceny and cheating at gambling. She had worked at the casino since 1998. I don´t know why the news hadn´t been released before, but I imagine it´s because there was a major ongoing investigation. Her case is still pending in New London Superior Court, where she appeared on Monday with defense Attorney Anthony Basilica.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit prepared by detective Richard Bedard of the state police Casino Unit, an unnamed craps floor person alerted a shift manager that Tarlton was cheating with players. The information was passed on to the casino's inspector general, who notified state police. The surveillance department reviewed videotape of Tarlton's table and determined she had worked with two players in December. The players placed late wagers on high-paying proposition bets (rather ballsy!) after the outcome of the dice-throw was known by the dealer, according to the affidavit.

The director of surveillance told police, "These are not random mistakes of a new inexperienced dealer, but are deliberate and intentional acts of a person who knows the outcome of the game after the dice are stopped, and then places late bets on the table which negates the random outcome or final results."

She must have been doing it while picking up losing bets, which certainly shows the girl´s got some talent! If I ever get back into cheating casinos, I will be looking to recruit little Miss Mattie!

The arrest warrant did not indicate whether Tarlton profited from the scheme, but I´m sure she wasn´t in it for love...or was she?

She is free on a $5,000 non-surety bond while her case is pending. Her attorney will be reviewing the videotape of the incident and Mattie will appear in court again on June 2.

See! I´m already on a first-name basis with her...