Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bwin Declares War On Cheats Using Poker Bots!

ICU INTELLIGENCE TO IMPLEMENT BotGuard, a pokerbot detection system, at bwin!

The war against poker bots is escalating! In a deal with ICU Intelligence, a data mining and predictive database analysis company, the huge online casino, poker and sports betting company known as bwin has taken the war against poker bots to the very Internet they breed on. With the development of BotGuard, ICU Intelligence has armed bwin with the first real orchestrated online defense against bots. If you are not familiar with the ongoing online war between poker sites and poker cheats using bots, the text below lays out the battlefield.

At a time when the number of internet poker players continues to rise, the number of people trying to take advantage of the game also increases. Auxiliary cheating software that recommends poker actions is becoming an increasing problem. In some cases the software plays without human interaction, a so called poker bot, which gives the player using such software an advantage towards ordinary players. bwin has always been in the forefront of this battle and takes every precaution to stop the fraudsters who are using poker bots. However, as the technology of the poker bots develops and becomes more sophisticated, new methods are needed to combat the problem. ICU’s BotGuard is designed specifically to find and detect the player patterns that single out poker bots from the human players.

“The increasing complexity and the amount of data that needs to be processed in order to detect poker bots is tremendous” says Kevin O’Neal, Press Officer at bwin. “BotGuard has the ability to detect complex patterns with tiny shades of differences in huge databases, which allows it to find the players that are using illegal software. This is what made us choose ICU’s solution as our next step in the fight against poker bots.”

ICU’s unique cutting edge technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, is what powers BotGuard. This gives it the ability to analyse and process the huge amounts of data required to search for bots among the masses of ordinary players. The fingerprint on every player is unique and every bot has its unique playing patterns. The way a person plays over time changes. A bot on the other hand plays in a similar way with few small variations. ICU’s BotGuard finds and flags suspicious players, allowing bwin’s fraud specialists to undertake a more thorough investigation before the appropriate countermeasure is executed.

“ICU is very pleased and excited to work closely with bwin.” says Andreas Holmström, CEO ICU intelligence. “bwin is a pioneer in the online poker development and we are proud that they are choosing ICU as their partner when it comes to surveillance against cheaters on their poker network.”