Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casino Cheating South American Style

I am currently on a tour of Central and South America evaluating poker and casino cheating opportunites and casinos´efforts to combat them. There is no doubt that South America still remains the easiest continent on which to cheat casinos. Cheats abound there, and I came across several professional teams in Costa Rica and Panama (Central America), as well as in Peru and Argentina, which to my knowledge has absolutely no legislation concerning criminal prosecutions of casino and poker cheats. This means that if you get caught cheating casinos or cheating in poker rooms in Argentina, you will only get thrown out with no further risk. I am not 100% sure of this, but it does seem to be the case, and Argentine casinos are ripe for the pickings!

In several Peruvian casinos, notably in Lima, I noticed something for the first time since I learned how to cheat casinos. On blackjack tables, dealers were breaking down the chips of every bet before paying it, even lowly two and three red-chip bets. They refused to just simply cut into $10 and $15 winning bets, instead verifying that no bigger denomination chips were underneath.

This is a very effective measure against many forms of pastposting, including my famed blackjack pastposting moves. When I asked a pit boss about it, wanting to know if any recent cheating teams had been through Lima, he said that breaking down the bets was simply an anti-cheating policy that had been in effect for years! Maybe Las Vegas cam learn a thing or two from Lima, Peru!

In all, South America can still be considered the pampas of casino cheating.