Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have added a new page to my website called "Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating Top-10 Moves. This page details the ten poker cheating and casino cheating moves I feel were the best ever. Some were done by poker and casino cheating teams that I was a part of. Others had nothing to do with me. In order to qualify, the move had to have been repeatedly performed over a period of at least one year, which means certain classic poker and casino cheating moves like the French Cigarette Scam (see my Scam of the Month Page) may have been amongst the best of all-time but did not endure long enough to qualify.

Take a few moments and read about these incredible cheating moves and exactly how they were pulled off. You will surely appreciate the cunning craftiness and military-like precision and discipline that is evident in all of them.