Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cheats at Poker Often Cheat Elsewhere

Many professional and not-so-professional poker cheats sometimes have to resort to other means of cheating when their operations in poker rooms don't go so well. Can you guess which are the top-10 scams that poker cheats turn to when their poker room wells are drying up? I am going to list them, but with a disclaimer that I have only participated in two of these, which, of course, I am going to...on second thought...not going to reveal!

1) Ripping Off Fellow Poker Players
2) Swindling Spouses, Lovers, Girlfriends and Boyfriends
3) Shoplifting
4) Non-Identity Theft Credit Card Fraud
5) Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
6) Stock Market and Security Frauds
7) Using Dine and Dash Cards in Restaurants***
8) Kiting Checks
9) Forging Checks
10)All of the Above, plus others too numerous to mention!
*** I think you know what that is; if not, e-mail me.