Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poker Tips: Cheating Ahoy at Betfair!

Online Poker Cheating: Betfair Poker Players Told To Repay Winnings!

That's a good one! It happened last Thursday night, and I thought I'd heard it all!
Call it "Group Cheating."

Betfair Poker sent a letter to online poker players demanding that winnings won during a recent software glitch be returned. According to reports made by UK News Source ‘The Telegraph a glitch in Betfair’s payout system was exploited during what was referred to by Osborne as a ‘late-night sting operation’.

Betfair Cheating: According to reports there were between 20 and 40 late night online poker players involved in the exploitation that caused the Betfair poker software to award more winnings to several players in sit n go tournaments.

The glitch was reportedly discovered on Thursday night, somewhere between 3am and 6am, players found by pure coincidence that ‘certain all in situations’ triggered the glitch. Once triggered, several people could win the second place prize in each sit and go style tournament, therefore one person won first place, the rest of the tournament participants took second, just by going all in.

As players learned of the glitch, that according to some players has been in existence for months, they experimented with it a bit, testing boundaries and learning what triggered the unearned payouts. Next the players involved allegedly moved up within the stakes, paying bigger buy-ins for bigger prizes, or a better return on their ‘investments’.

On the 2+2 forum, here's what one 19 year-old player who was allegedly involved had to say: I'm 10 and meant no harm, and saw it as a flaw on their side which may have allowed me to pay for next year's tuition ($6k).

Hours after players began taking advantage of the glitch, all players accounts were suspended, and a stop was put to the exploitation.