Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MIT Blackjack Team Card Counting Classes By Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus Blackjack Card Counting and Advantage Play Courses Now Available

I am now offering intense "Beat the Heat" Blackjack Card-Counting seminars and Advantage Play courses. I will teach you the exact same card-counting and tracking methods taught by the ex-MIT Blackjack Team members, but with an added invaluable element that makes my courses better. I will really show you how to BEAT THE HEAT while you're playing. Counting systems are not difficult to learn. What makes the good teams successful is the ability to play "clean," without taking heat from the pit for as long as possible. This is my TRUE specialty. Because of my unique intuition and knowledge for sniffing out heat and the right playing conditions in blackjack pits, I was able to cheat casinos for 25 years without ever getting caught. I will also teach you special tricks the MIT guys do not know about, camouflaging not only your play but also measures to be taken BEFORE your blackjack play and AFTER it, both intrinsic to your success. This kind of advantage you will NEVER get from the MIT courses. So if you want to beat the casinos at Blackjack using card-counting and sophisticated advantage play, I'm the guy to teach you...PERIOD.

My prices are the same as the MIT courses, but in effect less because I come to you. I charge $5,000 for a one-day course or $8,000 for a two-day course. All courses can be attended by one to ten persons, the prices remaining the same. I will come to YOUR location and pay all my travel and lodging expenses if the courses take place in North America. For other locations there is an additional travel and lodging cost of $1,000. The courses will be held in a hotel conference room.

My classes will provide a full day of expert instruction and hands-on training. Not only will you be taught the art and science of card counting, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and apply what you learn in break-out practice sessions at multiple blackjack tables.

I will also detail a virtually unknown and undetectable card-counting method. Read about it here.

My courses will also provide you with everything else needed to know for the protection of your operation--from how to dress to how to enter the casino to how to obtain your chips to how to approach the table to how to conduct yourselves at the table to how to leave the table and, most important, how to carefully cash out your chips and other essential information pertaining to your chip inventory, especially when working several different casinos in the same gambling town.

In a personal and interactive learning environment, I will include the following topics and more:

* Basic Strategy
* Counting Systems
* Running Count
* True Count
* Speed Count
* Betting Strategies
* New Wave Counting
* Deck Estimation
* Standard Deviation
* Money Management
* Self-Training Techniques
* Blackjack Tournaments
* Card Counting & The Law (all jurisdictions)
* Game Selection
* Table Selection
* Team Play
* Individual Play

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