Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cheaters Hall of Fame!

I have added the Cheaters Hall of Fame to my website. For this inaugural year, 2008, there are 16 "1st ballot" inductees. I will add four more in the coming months as I review the colorful histories of many of the world's most accomplished, dedicated, nutty and all notorious poker and casino cheaters of today and yesteryear. If any of you out there would like to nominate someone for the CHOF, please by all means do! Remember that the main qualities (or faults) necessary for a nominee/inductee are:

(Not in order of importance)

Length of cheating service (lol...well, not really!)
Amount of earnings
Creativity of moves
Arsenal of varied moves
Illegality of moves (no card-counters or advantage players)
Inside scammers (Dealers or other casino employees ripping off the joint)
Effect on surveillance technology
Anything else you might want to write in as a suggestion

I will carefully consider all of your nominations and even write about them in a blog to see if other readers agree with you. For now, go to my Hall of Fame page and enjoy the stories about these colorful characters!
Overall hustling and personality skills