Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Poker Scam in the Works? / Dutch Magicians Doing Casino Moves!

This time it appears that something is going on at Ultimate Bet. It's getting a lot of chat on the 2+2 forums, so go there and take a look. It's also threaded on Boards i.e. I know you can't take everything you read on these forums seriously, but let's not forget that rumors about the Absolute Poker scam first picked up wind on the forums. If I were a betting man (which I'm not...just a cheating one), I'd say that this suspicious play recorded on Ultimate Bet is indeed the fodder for what is going to be the exposure of yet another online poker scam. This is really getting to be too much! I think someone should start a new online poker room and call it "No Cheating Poker."


Many people mistakingly believe that I am a magician or slight of hand artist. This is not at all true. All my casino moves are based on timing, even though there is deception but it's not really slight of hand but rather misdirection. Oftentimes we used certain sequences of bets that created an illusion on roulette and blackjack layouts, in theory similar to what great magicians do.

I do know of some excellent magicians, however, who are at least as capable of doing my moves as me...if not better. Though most of them prefer to entertain rather than pilfer casinos. For some funny reason the best of these talented guys seem to be Dutch. I've heard the adage that Dutchmen are the tallest people on earth, but are they the world's best magicians?

Well, the one I think is the best is named Peter Woerde, and he does some great casino stuff. If you happen to live in the Netherlands or anywhere close and are having a party of the casino variety, or of any other type for that matter, and you want some first-class entertainment, call this guy. Tell him I sent you, but don't put any ideas in his head about going into those Holland Casinos that I loved so much! Here's Peter Woerde's website. Take a peek and check out his moves.