Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Top Ten No-Nos if You're gonna Cheat Casinos!

10) Don't stand out in a crowd (like a Caucasian in Macao)
9) Don't approach the table if you're hands are shaking
8) Don't cheat mini-baccarat if you think it's blackjack
7) Don't try a mini-baccarat false shuffle scam--at least for a while!
6) Don't flirt with cocktail waitresses after you've done a move (you too, girls!)
5) Don't brag to cocktail waitresses that you just did a move (they'll rat you out!)
4) Don't switch in a cooler
3) Don't do high-tech poker scams if you've written a book how to prevent them
2) Don't tell your girlfriend you're cheating casinos (if she doesn't get her cut, she'll rat you out too!
1) Don't tell ANYONE you're cheating casinos (Not even your mother! She may not rat you out, but she's definitely gonna want a big Mother's Day gift!

Hope everyone has had a great summer. I'll see what I can come up with for the fall!