Sunday, December 16, 2007

Online Poker Cheating Safety Ratings Now Daily!

For those of you who are new visitors to my website as well as online poker players, you may not be aware that during the past year I have been running a computer-generated cheating-rank system of the Internet's online poker rooms. I have been updating these ratings biweekly. However, I am pleased to say that due to current demand, not doubt inspired by the recent spate of online poker scams, starting today I am going to update these rankings every day. The actual ranks are a compilation of the three major forms of online poker cheating: collusion play, bots play and the rare incidents of hacking, be it from the outside or the inside, as we saw in the recent Absolute Poker Scandal. Lesser forms of cheating such as all-in misuse, time-out and chat box manipulation are not counted in the compilation. Although successfully hacking the sites is rare, it does happen. Collusion play has remained constant or dipped on certain sites, however, bot play is on a sharp increase as developers of these sophisticated software programs are coming out with better stuff almost on a daily basis!

So check out my cheating-rank system every day.