Saturday, December 29, 2007

Does anybody know this guy?


For two years, a man named “Hassan” had been tearing up the no-limit hold’em tables at a casino in the village of Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. How? He cheated.

It turns out that Hassan was a master of sleight of hand. Always seated in Seat 1 because it was next to the dealer (although he claimed it was just his lucky seat), Hassan would secretly take cards off the table, hiding one or two up his sleeve at any given time. He would then switch them with his hole cards at opportune moments to give himself a great hand. By sitting next to the dealer, Hassan was able to use the muck pile to help conceal his trickery.

He was able to get away with it not just because of his skill with his hands, but because of poor game management by the casino. The casino would only count the deck twice a night at scheduled times, making it easy for Hassan to get the pilfered cards back into the deck before anyone noticed.

When the casino made an unannounced deck count, Hassan panicked and players caught him trying to get the cards from his sleeve to the deck. Security cameras caught the mistake, as well.

Word is that he has been banned from all German, Austrian, and Swiss casinos.

The reason I ask if anyone out there knows this guy is because in 1992 I briefly worked with a German guy named Hans who also had several aliases. I was introduced to him by another guy who briefly worked with me during my transition from the Classon Pastposting Team to my own team that I formed in 1994 with Pat Mallery and Balls, who you will see along with me on the upcoming Breaking Vegas show Tuesday night (see previous posts for details). This German guy Hans was as cool as could be, sharp looking with a real charmer's way with the lady dealers. Well, after he'd put in a dozen blackjack moves and got paid every time, I thought I had my next great blackjack mechanic and claimer. That is until he finally had a miss and didn't get paid. When this happened, I gave him the nose signal (finger rubbing the tip of my nose) to abandon the claim, but he kept arguing with the dealer. When the pit boss came over and threatened to call security and have him grabbed up, Hans kept on arguing like a real dummkoff. Then I gave him the verbal command (Chester!) to get up and leave; he finally shut up but sat there frozen like a snowman. Finally, I had to come right up to him and say, "Bitte, Hans, get your German ass outta here!!"

That was the end of his working with me. But I am curious if this is the same guy. Hans had blond hair and blue eyes and would be about 45 years old now. Anyone know if this Hassan (obviously a false name) fits the description?