Monday, December 10, 2007

888 Talking To The Feds!

This sounds like a secret meeting behind closed computer screens!

Do you get nervous when shadowy meetings take place between the US Justice Department and online gaming officials? What if you're involved in money laundering and/or tax evasion and gamble online? Should you be shitting bricks?? Well, maybe. Think about this:

Prior to the passage of the UIGEA, Partygaming announced that they were going to be voluntarily talking to the US Department of Justice regarding their online gaming activities in the US. Now, 888 Holdings has released a similar statement, saying that they will be entering into discussions with the US government. Analysts say that this is positive news for the two companies, as they believe that in co-operating with the US government, they may avoid any potential litigation or investigation on behalf of the US government in the future.

Believe me, these discussions are not benign. I wouldn't be surprised if the US government compiles a list of Neteller users living in the US, and then tries to obtain a list of US poker/casino players from companies that they are "talking" with. Sure, they are not going to knock down doors and arrest these people, but they could easily audit those who appear on these lists. It's a safe bet to assume that many people didn't pay taxes on their winnings, and I really wouldn't be surprised if the US government eventually went after them. Remember, it has always been the US government's tactics to get criminals they couldn't get otherwise by charging them with tax evasion. If you didn't know, that's how they got Al Capone!

Stay tuned, we shall see.