Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Handheld Blackjack Bet Pressing and Pinching

Are the arts of bet pressing and pinching with the camouflage of cards at blackjack still alive? Yes they are, and as there are still tons of handheld blackjack games available in the United States, the skilled cheaters using this method to beat casinos are still quite successful. In talking about bet pressing, which is adding chips to a bet after you've played your hand, I am not referring to amateurish scams using simple diversions like one guy at first base spilling his drink to distract the dealer while his partner on third base presses his bet. I'm talking about the talented cheats who can do this without the distraction and by himself. From time to time I stumble across them in the casino, and I can't very well take pictures of their actions. However, I did stumble across some videos on You Tube that are pretty good in depicting some of these moves. Go to this page and have a look