Thursday, November 01, 2007

DanDruff Responds to Absolute Poker's Mark Seif

The point he makes is that this type of scam can happen at Poker Stars, Full Tilt or any other online poker site. I totally agree with him, even though that doesn't mean that it will...anytime soon.

DanDruff Responds to Absolute Poker’s Mark Seif
October 31st, 2007 Written by Steve Vaughan

I seen previously on 4Flush, the interview Mark Seif did about the issues surrounding the Absolute Poker scandal, Mark stated that this type of event could happen at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

This statement has again fueled a lot of debate which lead Mark to write this on his blog about the statement as well as the video interview in a post dated 10/28/2007:

“I was quite surprised when I saw the interview because it was presented to the viewers as if I came in to present AP’s side of the story. I never knew that nor did I agree to that. Nor did AP. I came in representing myself and speaking only on my behalf. I’ll clear this up with the folks at I’m sure it was unintentional. Probably a minor thing to them. After all, not EVERYONE is forced live and breathe this thing non-stop 24/7.

Based on some of the posts I’ve read, I think there is a substantial amount of confusion regarding my statement about Stars and Full Tilt. This is either due to me failing to be clear and/or poor editing. I don’t remember.

I stated that this type of thing could happen at Stars or Tilt, because it can. Let me be clear. I think, actually, I KNOW, that Stars and Tilt are run by very ethical, highly reputable people. I have tremendous respect for the management at both sites. I play on both sites.”

Towards the end of the initial video interview, Mark Seif talks about Todd Witteles (DanDruff) and says that he has said a lot of “untruths” and “exaggerated quite a bit” in his statements about the AP scandal. Seif goes as far as to say, “I think he’s actually engaged in some civil liability.”

Today, Todd Witteles (DanDruff) has done his own interview with In this interview, Todd asks questions about why Mark Seif is still representing Absolute Poker, talks about the allegations of Mark cheating himself and addresses the Seif interview itself.

About the “untruths” and “exaggerated quite a bit” remark, Witteles says,

“You (Seif) said many times that I have lied and exaggerated about you, I don’t really understand this.”

He goes on to say that he has looked over posts and recalled conversations and added,

“Never once have I lied or exaggerated about you in my life”