Sunday, November 11, 2007

Casino Party Night Cheating!

I received a hilarious e-mail and just have to pass it along to you. A fellow from Auckland, New Zealand, went to a casino-themed birthday party where blackjack, roulette and craps tables with dealers were installed in a large banquet room. Each of the 200 guests were given $10,000 in play money to buy in for chips. No real money was exchanged but at the end of the night there was a tally of everyone's chips. Three prizes were given out for the 3 lucky play-money gamblers who had the most New Zealand dollars in chips. First prize was a free night in a 5-star hotel suite with unlimited room service (within reason). Second prize was the suite with no room service, and third prize was a bottle of champagne.

Well, even at those low stakes, let the cheating begin! According to the writer from Auckland, he saw three different people cheating, one of whom won the grand prize. Can you guess what cheating move he saw the winner do??? You bet, my famed Savannah roulette move. He did it by hiding a $1,000 chip underneath a $5 chip!

I e-mailed him back and asked if he could get me invited to the next Auckland Casino night! He then e-mailed me again to say there would be one soon for his girlfriend's birthday, and I would be invited!

I hope that cheater who won first prize has a blast with a hot babe in that hotel suite!!!