Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Send Absolute Poker Scammer an E-Mail?

Sounds stupid to me, but now that his alias has been turned into a public e-mail address, maybe you want to send him an e-mail and tell him what an asshole he is. Who knows, maybe he'll respond!

Absolute Poker Culprit's MSN Messenger Obtained by Gambling911.com

The culprit in a notorious Absolute Poker "internal cheating" scandal has been located in - of all places - his native Canada.

Want to chat with AJ and ask why he cheated you and other fellow poker players?

For the first time ever, Alan John Grimard (AKA AJ Green) has had his current email address and MSN Messenger released to the public. It is peptona@hotmail.com

It turns out that Grimard has made enough enemies to fill a football stadium, and those don't even include the cheating victims.

"Why do I want people to have his email address?" said a former employee of Nine who worked with the perpetrator. "He is a complete asshole and has always been. I know that in a span of six months (while at Nine.com) he made three assistants cry and resign and once an employee told him to 'connect better with the customers'. His response was 'I will only connect to my bank account."

Point-Spreads.com last week reported on how AJ had a photo of himself covered in money, decked out "American Beauty" style.

"He got to be Operations Manager at Nine.com because he would always take credit for everyone else's successful project when his minions were the one's who did all the work. He is the worst human being I have ever met to say the least."

Grimard's home address and other pertinent information provided to us will not be made public out of concerns for his safety.

Absolute Poker has been paying all the victims back, some of whom had no idea they were taken advantage of by Grimard.

As each passing day goes by it seems more and more likely that many in the Absolute Poker organization appear to have been duped by this scammer, whose prior job was that of a "cyber squatter".

Grimard is yet to respond to the allegations. The online poker community, however, has already presumed him guilty until proven innocent.

Gambling911.com has also learned that an individual accused of stealing during a poker tournament with some distant ties to Absolute Poker disappeared and has not been heard from since. The individual in this matter could have run off to Mexico with the stolen funds or may have met some other grisly fate. Grimard was well aware of this detail and it cannot bode well that half the poker world is furious with him right now.