Monday, October 22, 2007

Roulette Computer Wars!

I get at least 100 e-mails per month asking about roulette computers, and more than half of them ask me about the two main online purveyors of this equipment, Mark Anthony Howe and Stefano Hourmouzis. It seems that these two are always at each other's throat and constantly accusing the other of everything from selling bogus equipment to running websites with a host of phony names. But what's really important here is whether either or both of them have roulette computers that are going to make you any money. The answer is yes and no. The "no" is that none of their computers will earn you enough to overcome the overall expenses of conducting a roulette operation. There are many expenses involved, and some of the roulette profits must be expensed to create continuous playing opportunities, without which you will soon be out of business. What I'm saying is that both their computers (whichever ones they're offering at any time) will actually give you a slight edge but not enough to really get off profitably.

So where's the "yes." The answer to that is that these computers serve well as a training function. Teams should practice with these relatively cheap computers to see whether they can function the equipment while staying under the casino radar. As I tell dozens of people every week, success is only partially about the equipment. If your not top notch in the human-operational area, you will fail regardless of what your equipment is, so it's best to start with low-level equipment before investing in the expensive stuff.

I also hear that Hourmouzis is giving a free roulette computer seminar at the Hilton attached to the Melbourne, Australia airport. Well, if you happen to live in Melbourne or can take a cheap ride there from another Australian city, it might be worth the experience, otherwise I'd probably let it go. Using this equipment, though at times burdensome, is not difficult.

A fallacy I'd like to put to rest concerning the people selling roulette computers is that "If they have the equipment that supposedly works, why don't they use it themselves instead of selling it?" Well, it's not that black and white, I can surely tell you that. There are people with lots of legitimate reasons who sell casino-winning tips and equipment instead of applying it themselves. So don't assume that these people are frauds, even if they may be using "shell websites" to push their stuff.

More on this topic will be coming.