Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Bullshit on TV!

Is anybody out there getting sick of watching Mike The Mouth Matesow and Phil Hellmuth make believe they're gonna fly over the poker table and grab each other's throat? Okay, maybe they don't love each other, but let's not believe for a second that their little intense rivalry at the table is nothing more than a staged acting job to boost TV ratings. Come on, this stuff is a knockoff of the World Wrestling Federation. And I wouldn't believe anything Matesow says or does. After all, the guy's a convicted drug felon!

How 'bout Phil Ivey and the five other top pros supposedly putting up $10 mil each in that winner-take-all freezeout in Australia this July? Anybody out there believe that's for real? Sounds like another big hype job to me: poker/movie stars getting paid for their roles and getting more endorsements from it all...TV ratings skyrocketing. Does Phil Ivey have $10 million bucks? If he does, would he really risk it in a freezeout playing against five other players of roughly the same skill as he? Come on, we're not all idiots out here!!! Maybe Chris Ferguson can sell us a few beers from inside a refrigerator, but no one is selling me on that mega-bullshit tournament!

The other night, I saw a so-called huge-stakes "cash game" on the GSN channel with Ted Forrest, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein and others with bricks of $100 bills totalling millions in cash on the table. Supposedly Forrest lost several hundred grand in one pot...REAL MONEY! Oh yeah, sure! How 'bout REAL BULLSHIT. Like any of these guys isn't playing on TV for the sole purpose of endorsements or to push their books and DVDs. Believe me, no one is losing a penny in these TV games.

It's all getting ridiculous, and to think there are people that think I'm crazy! No, I'm just a cheater, and I know when the public is being cheated!!!