Sunday, April 16, 2006

First Month of Dirty Poker

My book "Dirty Poker" has been out a month now. It's doing quite well, and thank you for your support.

Of course with a controversial book like this, not everyone is going to like it, especially those affiliated with the online poker sites. In fact, there has been an active collusion between several of the major online poker rooms and the poker portal to squash my book, of which I have documented evidence. The book was reviewed by, and it was a stellar review, but mysteriously it never appeared on their site after "Rifka," the chief editor, stated that "Dirty Poker" would receive its own web page on their site...Funny, huh?

On Sunday, April 16, the New York Times published a major article on the poker craze in which they mentioned my book as well as an interesting tidbit on Doyle Brunson. Apparently the old legend of poker is under investigation by the SEC for manipulating the price of World Poker Tour Enterprises stock.

I tell ya, like I say in the book, there are a lot of crooks out there in the poker world!

I'm waiting for the UK newspaper the Mail On Sunday to release an article about Dirty Poker.