Saturday, February 25, 2006

My TV interview with George Knapp in Las Vegas

Hi, everyone:

On their Monday night evening news at 11pm, Klas TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas will air the interview I did with award-winning investigative reporter George Knapp about all the corruption and cheating going on at the World Series of Poker, at World Poker Tour events and online. George's specialty is breaking news stories whose protagonists don't want you to hear. We talk about my new book DIRTY POKER, THE POKER UNDERWORLD EXPOSED, which tells the bland truth about the poker-cheating syndicates that rule the World Series of Poker and other major poker tournaments around the world, and the massive cheating and fraud that takes place in online poker. The online poker rooms are very upset with me and are looking to put me out of business. They don't want you to know what I am exposing.

For those of you not living in Las Vegas, you can link up to the interview at The book is available at now, and will be in stores by late March.

This is big stuff!!!