Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Cheaters Bowl!

Hi, everybody:

Today being Super Bowl Sunday, it's also the Super Bowl for cheaters, who, you can bet, will be out hitting the casinos as the Seahawks and Steelers are hitting the field. My old cheating partners Pat and Balls should be out laying down a few Savannahs ($10,000 moves). As a matter of fact, I remember Super Bowl Sunday, 1999, at the Las Vegas Hilton, where I scored a few touchdowns of my own, if you know what I mean...!

Get ready for my big Poker-cheating book, DIRTY POKER, THE POKER UNDERWORLD EXPOSED, which will be out in early March. It will tell you about the big-time poker-cheating syndicates that rule the WORLD SERIES OF POKER and other major tournaments worldwide, and you will read about all the high-tech cheating going on ONLINE, and I'm not just talking about "bots." I'm talking about really serious stuff!

For those of you in the UK, don't miss the February 19th edition of the men's magazine LIVE NIGHT AND DAY, which is a supplement in the MAIL ON SUNDAY newspaper. There's a big feature article on my career as the NUMERO UNO casino cheater this century. Also, on February 20th begins a 10-part series on CHALLENGE TV called THE WORLD'S GREATEST GAMBLING SCAMS. Yours truly is the subject of a whole bunch of 'em. Don't miss it, as you will SEE ME doing the actual moves, no cheap re-creations, I promise. I will post again shortly.

Enjoy the game.