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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Top 10 Land-Based Casino and Poker Cheat Moves

During the calender year 2015, these ten cheat moves in casinos and poker rooms were the most popular among qualified professional poker cheats and casino cheats. This does not include advantage play methods at blackjack such as card-counting and ace-steering.

1) Poker Collusion
2) Blackjack Hole-Carding
3) Bet-Capping at Blackjack (adding chips to winning or probable-winning bet)
4) Pastposting at Roulette (making original bet after outcome determined)
5) Roulette Chip Fraud (manipulating values of non-redeemable roulette chips)
6) Bet-Capping at Roulette
7) Bet-Capping at Craps
8) Pastposting at Blackjack
9) Bet Sliding at Baccarat (moving bet from losing box to winning box)
10) Pastposting at Craps

Numbers one and two on the list are easy to understand since they are virtually risk-free. Even though casinos and poker rooms consider collusion and hole-carding as cheating, the courts in Nevada and other casino jurisdictions do not. So why wouldn't professional cheats take advantage of this kind of "free shot" at casinos?

Note that all the high-tech scams using electonic and laser equipment do not appear on the list. This is because pro cheats tend to avoid them like the plague. Almost all casino jurisdictions treat cheating that involves equipment as major felonies and judges routinely had out prison sentences to those convicted of it.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vegas Set for New Year´s Eve Casino Wars!

New Year´s Eve in Vegas
Call it the Great Crusades of Casino and Poker Cheating!

The casino cheats are loading their gadgets; casino surveillance is loading up their cameras; Griffin Investigations and other casino investigatory bodies are beefing up their patrols...everyone´s getting ready for the big New Year´s Eve casino-cheating bang!

And it will come!

New Year's Eve is always the numero-uno prime-time casino and poker-cheat invasion of the world´s casinos, especially in Las Vegas. This is because the vast crowds inside the casinos and the huge action afford the cheats the best possible conditions to work in. There is just too much action in casinos for their security and surveillance staffs to adequately protect their gaming tables and slot machines, and when there is a suspected cheating incident, it is too un-profitable to stop the game and wait while surveillance check the footage from the cameras. Imagine, how much money the casino would lose when stopping a jam-packed roulette or craps game for fifteen minutes!

So how profitable can New Year´s Eve be for a good professional casino.cheat team?

Well, I will tell you this: on New Year´s Eve 1999, which was my last New Year´s Eve working casinos, I entered Caesars Palace with my three casino-cheat partners and did a total of fifteen $10,000 moves, half of them Savannah roulette moves and the other half blackjack pastpost moves. They all got paid without any heat and we cleared $125,000! Not bad for a night´s work, right?

And of course this time of year I get a vast increase in emails, lots of them asking me if Savannah still works in casinos.I do not want to encourage anyone to cheat in casinos, but I cannot lie either, so you can figure out what the answer to that question is.

Overall, I expect Las Vegas alone to lose some $2 to $3 million to cheats tonight, with maybe an arrest or two of those unlucky enough to get caught and busted, But all considering, the odds are never more with the cheats than on New Year´s Eve.

And Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Now Offering Private Beat-the-Heat Blackjack Card-Counting and Advantage-Play Courses by Skype!

If you want to learn the art, take advantage of this terrific opportunity to get one-up on the blackjack tables. A four-day comprehensive course is priced at $500. A two-day course is $200. Both courses cover all the basics and intricacies of the best casino card-counting and advantage-play techniques. The three-day course gets into more details including internal-security measures needed when playing and more intensive training. To get the full description of these courses, please go to my card-counting website page. If you want to book either course, contact me for scheduling.

Are Blackjack card-counting and hole-carding considered cheating in casinos?

Legal Peeking?
Card-counting at blackjack is absolutely NOT considered cheating in casinos by any casino jurisdiction that I´ve heard of. 

Blackjack hole-carding, however, is in a much grayer area. There is no doubt that those blackjack players seeking to gain an advantage over the casino by willfully peeking at dealers' hole-cards are attempting to cheat by definition, but the actual carrying-out of the process leaves things much less clear. The obvious argument against hole-carding being cheating is that the blackjack hole-carding player is simply taking advantage of the dealers who expose their hole-cards due to sloppiness and lack of following proper dealing procedure. They don't do anything to cause the dealer to expose their hole-card, even if their intent was to find a dealer that indeed does so. 

This argument does hold water.

There have been some arrests of blackjack players for hole-carding, mostly in Nevada, but I am not aware of any convictions or plea-bargains by those guilty of doing so. So in summation, I guess you are pretty safe when hole-carding at blackjack, even though it is getting harder and harder to find good opportunities to do so in light of the dwindling availability of hand-held blackjack games across the casino world.

Now Offering Private Beat-the-Heat Blackjack Card-counting and Advantage-Play Courses by Skype!

If you want to learn the art, take advantage of this terrific opportunity to get one-up on the blackjack tables. A four-day comprehensive course is priced at $500. A two-day course is $200. Both courses cover all the basics and intricacies of the best casino card-counting and advantage-play techniques. The three-day course gets into more details including internal-security measures needed when playing and more intensive training. To get the full description of these courses, please go to my card-counting website page. If you want to book either course, contact me for scheduling.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Astronaut to Speak at Willie Allison's 2016 World Game Protection Conference...Absurd!

Biggest Casino Fraud? 
I have been criticizing the validity of Allison's World Game Protection Conference ever since I was the keynote speaker there in 2007. I have repeatedly accused Allison of extending his speakers far beyond the realm of what game protection is--only to keep his conference raking in the large sums of money from Native-American Casinos whose executives are being duped into believing that the conference fees are well worth paying in order to get valuable information that may help them protect their casinos from cheats, advantage-players and whoever else is seeking to siphon money from their casino cages.

Allison has already had conference speakers in the form of terrorism-experts, hotel and travel-experts, prognosticators who can predict anything and everything that has nothing to do with casino game-protection and, of course, the never-ending lineup of ex-magicians turned so-called "gaming-consultants" or "game-protection consultants."

But now Allison has completely outdone himself! An ASTRONAUT???

Maybe I'm missing the point, but can anyone explain to me what an astronaut has to do with casino game protection? Well, the only thing I can think of is that maybe he's hawking game-protection for blackjack and baccarat tables floating around in outer space LOL!

All kidding aside, this is really ridiculous, and I take it as a personal insult...I wish you would too!

If the astronaut, Leroy Chiao, is not enough to make you reconsider wasting your money for your trip to Vegas and ticket for this WGPC farce, let´s take a look at the rest of Allison´s field of "casino game-protection experts" for the 2016 conference.

We´ve got Abe Davis, another computer-science expert, just like all the others who´ve spoke at WGPC. He is going to tell us about more 3D enhanced images surveillance people can watch up in their surveillance rooms. Why not teach some of the surveillance people how to recognize cheat and advantage-play scams with their own eyes and brains first? There´s already been enough oohing and ahhing over surveillance cameras who teach absolutely nothing as far as detecting casino cheats and advantage players.

Next we have Persi Diaconis. If his name isn't outcast enough, his game-protection credentials certainly are. The man is a mathematician! And of course, an ex-magician! LOL. Are you getting my drift here? What did Diaconis do? Did he realize that there were already too many magicians posing as game-protection experts and thus decided to use his mathematical skills to get invited to Allison's conference?

Then we have a memory expert! Maybe he can teach you to forget about this fraudulent conference!

And finally we have Tania Johannisson, an online casino security expert who happens to be one beautiful number--at least judging by her photo. She might really be that expert too, but what has her expertise got to do with land-based casinos? She should be speaking at an online-gaming conference somewhere, which I´m sure she does.

Look, there are some speakers at the WGPC who have some real game-protection experience but often their presentations go beyond what casino-staffs need to learn and practice in order to protect their casinos. Then there are others who are very knowledgeable in one area of game-protection but speak on game-protection matters that they know very litte about.

One such example of this is widely-respected industry-gaming-expert Bill Zender. Zender is a terrific numbers-cruncher who can tell you the probability of this and that and help you regulate your bonus and player-award programs and even your floor procedures to protect against blackjack card-counters, but the only thing he knows about casino-cheating is what he´s been told and read--mostly by me! If you think I'm full of it, here's proof of what I'm talking about.

A few years back I told Zender of an Italian roulette-pastposting team who were the best I´d ever seen. A month later an ezine article written by Zender about this team and their move appeared in Willy Allison´s old Catwalk report as well as in other outline outlets. In it he wrote about the move as if he'd seen it and detected it himself. But his description of the move was entirely erroneous as he of course had no idea of how it was done. I would love to challenge him in front of a WGPC audience to explain exactly how this move by the Italians went down. That would surely be the proof in the pudding! This article as well as an accurate description by me can be supplied on demand.

In spite of all this, Allsion and his inner group of cohorts including Zender, Sal Piacente and George Joseph have succeeded in getting me blacklisted from the US game-protection industry by badmouthing me and attacking my credibility. But the truth is that they simply feared that Native-American and non-Vegas casinos would hire me instead of them for training because I am the real-deal when it comes to teaching casino-staffs about REAL game-protection.

Why am I writing this article? You guessed it! I am trying to convince you that the best value for the funds budgeted by your casino for game-protection and surveillance training lies in hiring someone who can really provide effective services...rather than wasting it on an overblown smoke and mirrors spectacle in Las Vegas!

Link to Richard Marcus Casino Game-Protection Page

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Game Protection Blog Coming Soon!

Game Protection.

For all you casino executives and floor supervisors who want to get the latest in game protection news from a source other than the World Game Protection website, a new one is coming! It is a new blog and it will be simply be called "The Table Game Protection Blog. It will discuss all matters relating to Game Protection inside land-based casinos, and it will give NEW informative information from Richard Marcus, someone who really knows all aspects of game protection from both sides of the table, meaning through the eyes of the casino on one side and the eyes of a casino-cheat and advantage-player on the other.

This blog will also be of help on matters concerning whom you hire for game-protection services at your casino.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Becoming Illegal in the USA?

Daily fantasy sports betting has become one of the great ways for fans to bet and make money without a long term commitment. Traditional sports betting would require bettors to follow an entire season, but with daily fantasy sports, bettors can bet on multiple events on any day and win immediately after the event ends. The Wall Street Journal has covered this topic and despite the growing interest and popularity of daily fantasy sports betting, it remains an activity that is under much debate in the USA. The business model of daily fantasy sports betting sites have been investigated and that has raised some questions pertaining to the legality of this form of betting. The arguments from FanDuel and DraftKings, both US based companies, is that fantasy sports betting is a game of skill, Since it is not based on luck, it is exempt under the 2006 UIGEA law. It is still a grey area and it is up to each individual US state to allow or ban daily fantasy sports betting.
Betting sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have been advertising to US residents during football games, since the NFL season has just started. This raised a red flag and the legality of these sites is now being questioned. These billion dollar companies may be a household brand name, but they cannot stay under the radar and the explosion of ads and interest has lead to some serious investigating on whether daily fantasy sports  betting is a form of gambling.
Sports Betting Laws per State
The US has recently loosened the laws pertaining to online gambling, but each state has the ability to legalise or ban any online betting. In Nevada, the gaming board deemed sports betting is considered gambling and fantasy sports betting is not covered under the current gambling laws in Nevada. Nevada does offer online gambling at sites that are licensed by the state. At this time, there are no sports betting sites registered or licensed in Nevada, which means that any form of sports betting is in fact illegal.
In Massachusetts, there has been some upset and misunderstandings regarding sports betting since the popular Boston based DraftKings site has been advertising services to US bettors. Based on a recent article in the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Law prohibits and form of gambling unless it is allowed by the Legislature. Even with the popularity of sports betting, daily fantasy sports sites cannot operate in Massachusetts legally.
Taking the Daily Fantasy Sports Offshore Online
It is quite evident that daily fantasy sports betting is a topic of great debate. Until the dust settles and the laws are clear, a number of US residents are seeking gambling action offshore. At sites that are licensed and regulated in other countries, bettors can enjoy sports betting and other forms of gambling online. The problem of UIGEA is still there and US gamblers have to find alternative ways to deposit funds at these offshore sites. A number of other countries, including Australia, have created laws similar to UIGEA in hoped of deterring residents from engaging in online gambling activities. However, with the offering of prepaid cards and some ewallets, residents of these countries still have the ability to register at offshore sites and enjoy gambling activities.
Understanding UIGEA

In 2006, the US government passed the UIGEA Act of 2006 and this regulation has been the cause of many problems faces by US gamblers. The Act made it impossible for US bettors to use their credit or debit cards to fund off shore casino accounts. Banks and financial establishments are not allowed to process any payment to or from an online casino for any US resident. However, the recent changes in law has allowed individual states the ability to choose whether they will legalise online casinos and gambling for residents. UIGEA is still in place, which is making it difficult for certain players who are accessing online casinos in states that have legalised online gambling.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hot Trailer to National Geographic Underworld Inc. Las Vegas Hustle Episode!

Chips will be flying!
See this clip and don't miss the episode! It airs Wednesday, October 21 on the National Geographic (NatGeo) Channel. Also, be sure to read the two posts directly below and get some insight into the show and the REAL casino cheats who will be profiled.

Ace Face and Bim to perform Savannah Roulette Move in front of Millions!

Bim and Ace Face
It's true! They will appear on National Geographic's "Underworld Inc." series this Wednesday night, October 21. The name of the show is "Las Vegas Hustle." See trailer here.

You wanna know more about Ace Face and Bim? Here's the real scoop! I did work with them both back in the ´80s and ´90s. In fact, Ace Face is one of the early pioneers of the Ten-O-Five Blackjack Move, which he will also be doing on the Underworld Inc. Las Vegas Hustle TV show. He was simply the best at it, and with his cool, handsome James Bond demeanor, he did a number across the blackjack tables from Las Vegas to London, really terrorizing casinos worldwide..

Bim, whom we actually did call "Bim" back in the day and still do, is a really incredible character. Such is how he got his nickname "Bim." The name is a chopped version of "bimbo," although Bim is not at all a bimbo. He´s just a bim! I guess you gotta spend some time with him to get what I mean.

I will tell you this, however: Bim is always so stoned that he can smoke any Rasti in Jamaica under the table at any time!!! And the more stoned he was, the more he kicked the casino's ass!!! Another thing I can tell you about the Bim: he had absolutely no fear of anything! I used to joke with him," Bim, you're scared shit of these casinos, aren't you?" And he'd chuckle and say, "petrified!" I don't know why he had such balls and no fear, but maybe it was due to his being too stoned all the time to interpret fear???

Ace Face and Bim were not around during the inception of the famous Savannah move but they knew a great thing when they saw it, so they initiated their own Savannah road tour in the late '90s just as I was getting ready to retire. They had it down to a tee and Bim had no trouble playing the drunk-role as he was always already stoned! And to all of you who constantly ask me if the Savannah move can still be done in today's casinos, this should suffice as the answer!

As I was told, Ace Face was out fishing when Bim told him about the Savannah move. With the rod in his hand and a big-one dangling from the hook, Ace Face decided to drop the line in the water, row the friggin´ boat back to sure and get on the next plane to Vegas!

Can't wait to see the show. And neither can you!!!
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