Friday, January 19, 2018

Wild Wild Casino-Cheating East Originally Known as Singapore Gets New Casino-Cheating Sentencing Guidelines!

Singapore Casino labyrinth of Cheating 
I guess the judge has finally seen enough!

So have I...of the relentless attack by casino cheats on Singapore's casinos that is.

Singaporean Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon undoubtedly has seen quite a few casino cheats before him in his courtroom. Apparently frustrated with the lack of solid legal code concerning casino-cheating statutes and punishments, which is quite ironic for what is probably the highest-per-capita casino-cheating locale in the world.

What is even more ironic is that Justice Sundaresh has apparently taken a soft stance in sentencing convicted casino cheats. He has just reduced the sentence of one of the most sophisticated and damaging casino cheats in the world, Vladislav Logachev who is a member of the infamous Russian Cell-Phone-Slot-Machine-Cheating Syndicate.

Logachev was convicted in 2017 and sentenced to 45 months in prison for emptying out slot machines in Singapore's two big casinos, the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, by using smart phones to record and transmit data to cohorts who played the machines. Justice Menon cut his sentence to 38 months.

To see the details of the Chief Justice's action read the Straits Times article.

My take: I don't really get reducing sentences for casino cheats somehow going to lessen the problem for Singapore's casinos?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Really Good Article on Russian Cell Phone Slot-Cheat Team

Russian Slot-Cheat Team Scaling New Heights
Many of you heard of the ingenious slot-machine scam using cell phones that began around 2010 (hard to pinpoint since casinos didn't become aware of it until 2011) and is still going on, despite the fact that some of the members of this Russian slot-cheating syndicate have been caught and criminally charged.

The reason why the tremendous slot-machine is still alive and well is because casinos have no answer for it...or if they do have an answer, it is too expensive to fix.

For those of you who don't know the history of this Russian scam, this article by will give you a great read about it, tracing the scam's history, where it's going from here and how the casinos can stop it as well as can they afford to stop it.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Which Forms of Casino Cheating Dominated the World's Casinos in 2017

Cheating Hands all over Roulette
You know that in the real-estate business the three key words for success are "location, location, location."

In the casino-cheating business the three key words for success are "roulette, roulette, roulette."

Yes, it is the game of roulette that is cheated the most in the world's casinos, not baccarat as the highly recent publicized baccarat scams may have led you to believe. And it is roulette by far and away.

And it is roulette in practically all casino venues across the world, even those where other games such as blackjack and baccarat are far more popular than roulette. The reason why roulette cheating is so dominant in casinos is because there are just so many ways to cheat at roulette. The spectrum goes from simple bet-capping and pastposting to chip-color-out and advanced "pinching" scams, such as the casino-world-famous Savannah scam.

As far as insider-dealer scams where casino dealers team up with their agents to cheat the casinos they work at, the distance between roulette cheating and cheating the other games narrows, but cheating at roulette still wins the race. And one thing I can say for sure is that the audacity some cheating roulette dealers display in ripping off the house is just dazzling. I still see, and more often than you might think, roulette dealers marking losing numbers as winners and paying off their agents while the supervisor's back is turned and the surveillance people upstairs are not monitoring the roulette games at that particular moment.

The biggest roulette scams on the outside continue to be pastposting and color-out scams where the players hoard roulette chips from one table and then color them out at other tables for a higher denomination than they bought in for.

Don't expect the roulette cheating domination to end in fact, don't expect it to end any year soon.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Separation of Game Protection and Terrorism/Mass Shootings...Please!

Just Game Protection...ONLY!
We all know that the number-one horror story in Las Vegas, and in the entire United States for that matter, during the year 2017 was the terrible mass-shooting committed by Stephan Paddock. Fifty-nine people died and hundreds more were wounded in this unbelievable senseless act of terror.

The shooting also seemed to be the number-one story for casino game-protection websites, especially those operating from Las Vegas.

I certainly appreciate the loss of life, destruction of lives and the terrible suffering that this tragic event caused, and I certainly appreciate the roles that casino surveillance and security must play in order to better prepare for these types of events and maybe even possibly stop them before they actually happen.

But what I am not so sure about is that terrorism and mass-murder, whether it be internationally inspired or the work of some madman (or in Paddock's case a seemingly sane guy seeking revenge for gambling losses), should be so directly related to all the topics and practices that fall under the umbrella of what we call "Casino Game Protection."

I have followed just about everything online about casino game-protection since I first got involved in it after a 25-year-career cheating casinos that culminated in my writing a book about my experiences doing so. For the first few years during my transition from an interested person to an active participant in game-protection (I am now actually a game-protection consultant working for casinos), game-protection simply meant protecting casino games from cheats and advantage players. It was nothing more than training casinos how to protect their table games and slot machines from those looking to take advantage of weak casino internal-control and whatever other flaws to take money out of the casino cages.

But that began to change, and now, at least it seems to me, the number-one talked about issue in the casino game-protection world is the Las Vegas mass-shooting that occurred on October 1st.

I repeat my understanding of the importance of better preparation and the need for  better police and surveillance tactics to combat these horrible events that have become all too real, not only in Las Vegas but in the entire world.

But how much of this is really casino game protection?

I see online that several Las Vegas based "game protection" consultants, experts and professors are all giving their opinions on the mass-shooting on a daily basis, if not several times and tweets per day. This is all fine and well, but perhaps this should be in its own particular forum. Maybe it should be called "casino client-safety protection" or "casino anti-violence protection," anything that separates it from what is simple casino game protection.

And people who currently work in the casino game-protection industry can certainly participate and give their opinions on what can be done to improve clientele safety in casinos in the face of all these attacks, but at least let it be done under the proper aegis.

I realize that some people might get pissed off reading this article, but my point is simply to keep casino game-protection casino game-protection--that is: how to protect our gaming tables and slot machines against cheats and advantage players. Let the very valid discussions of how to fight terrorism and mass-shootings in casino areas be labeled as they should be.

And finally, for those organizations who wish to contribute to both casino game-protection and casino client-safety protection, come up with a proper name and heading for what your organization is.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Disgusting Casino Crime over $6: Man is Decapitated.

Casino Decapitation Victim
This casino crime is so horrible that I cannot paraphrase it, so I am posting the entire online article. It really reads like a horror story. All because the robbers were pissed off that the victim decided to protect money he won at the casino by leaving it with the casino staff. Apparently he had a very bad omen about what was going to happen to him.
Court documents state Donald Ray Cherry, 31, and Jeffrey Glen Haverty, 33, met the victim, Myron Knight, 41, at a Montana Lil's Casino on Oct. 26. According to casino staff, Knight, a regular customer, left with the two men about 10 p.m. 
Staff also told detectives Knight asked them to hold onto his winnings, totaling $120, in case the men wanted to rob him. He also reportedly told staff "if he did not come back, the men he left with were responsible."
Cherry's girlfriend, identified in court documents as "Z.W.", told police she was with the three men at the campsite where Knight's body was found. She told investigators Cherry told her that Haverty had struck Knight in the head with a hammer, and the two men planned to further dismember the body and burn it in a fire pit to help dispose of evidence, which did not happen.
When asked why the two men committed the crime, Z.W. told investigators that Haverty killed Knight after he robbed him and became angry that Knight only had $6.
A state medical examiner said "it was more probable than not" Knight was alive when his head was cut off.
The woman also said Haverty and Cherry had been living out of a tent on the West End but denied being there when Knight was killed. She said she was with the three men at the campsite the night of the murder, but left to go to the Town Pump nearby on King Avenue.
Casino staff also identified the two men Knight was with as Cherry and Haverty, and told detectives Knight said he was going with the two men to look at their tent. They also identified two other individuals who were often seen with Cherry and Haverty, Haverty's girlfriend, referred to as "J.F", and Ronald Bauer.
Cherry confirmed to police that he met Knight while he was with Haverty at the casino and they all left together. He denied going to the campsite that night, or ever seeing Knight again.
Cherry's girlfriend told police she and Cherry were at the campsite with Haverty the night of Knight's death.
She said she returned to the site about 15-20 minutes later, and saw Knight lying on the ground with blood on his neck.  According to police, she said she then watched as Haverty and Cherry cut off Knight's head with a knife.
She told police that after Knight was killed, the three of them went to a casino and gambled.
According to documents, Knights body was found in a clearing in a secluded area on the West End near 32nd Street West and Gabel Road. Investigators found Knight's body covered in a carpet and leaves. He had been beheaded. 
Investigators on scene also found a tent with similar carpet, and other items including receipts and women's clothing. One of the receipts was generated from an ATM at the Montana Lil's Casino on King Avenue.
Both men are being held on $500,000 bond, their arraignments are scheduled for later this month. 
Haverty has a former conviction of criminal endangerment in Wheatland County.

How will the Bitcoin Crash affect Online Poker and Online Casinos?

Only Bitcoin Bits Left
Bitcoin investors are currently getting a stern lesson in the laws of financial gravity as Bitcoin crashed and took the whole cybercurrency market down with it. In fact, Bitcoin has lost a quarter of its value in the last week. As online poker and casinos are expanding into the use of cybercurrency to drive their sites, online casino and poker players are wondering, "Is it safe?"

Well, just a little before I wrote this article about CoinPoker's cryptocurrency and how its reps were saying that the cryptocurrency would help protect against online poker cheating and customer account deposit theft. My initial take on CoinPoker's advent measures was that it all sounded good and probably safe.

Now, as the Bitcoin falls into little pieces in cyberspace, I am surely having my doubts!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cambodian Casino Dealer Robs his own Casino!

Thai Casino Dealer/Cowboy
Casino cheating and dealer-cheat scams have been on the rapid rise in Poipet City on the Cambodian/Thai border.

This time 26-year-old Thai dealer Thirak Phath Tichakhun of the Paramex Casino robbed his employer by simply removing the money from a cashier desk when no one was looking.

Well, I don't know what that means, but a least a video surveillance caught the theft on tape. There was no money to confiscate, however, because Tichhakun quickly wired the ill-gotten proceeds to his Thai friends in Bangkok.

My take: Seems like Poipet City is becoming somewhat of Wild wild East, something like the Old Wild Wild West versions of Carson City and Sioux City.

Lots of Year-End Casino-Cheating Scams, Robberies and Online Cryptocuurrency Problems

Bellagio Poker-Cage Robber
Lets start of with the late-November robbery of the Bellagio Poker cage in mid-afternoon. The Bellagio, which was victimized by the Motorcycle Casino Bandit back in 2010, is now stranger to casino robberies.

This time the bandit, wearing a wig and big sunglasses, and prepared with a big-money bag into which he put the loot, walked right up to the poker cage, pointed his gun at the teller and demanded the cash. The teller immediately gave him an unspecified amount, though I think it would be in the neighborhood of 50K.

And he did it so calmly as is seen on the video. Very few people noticed.

Actor James Woods, who played a banker that Axel Freed (James Caan) nearly strangled to death with a telephone cord, just happened to be there when the robbery went down. He said, "The Bellagio staff were fantastic. They surrendered the money quietly, so no customers would get hurt. Nobody even realized it was happening. Excellent staff, cool under pressure."

The "cool" casino-cage robber then jogged out a nearby exit, hopped into a suburban vehicle and simply drove away.

My take: Let's see if this guy is a little smarter than the casino bandit, who put an ad in the Vegas newspaper offering discounted rates for the high-denomination chips he stole.

Friday, December 15, 2017

False-Shuffling Florida Poker Dealer Goes Down in 30K Poker-Cheat Scam

Racino Race to Poker-Cheating
Thirty-year-old Tishun Butler performed a series of false shuffles at the St. Petersberg Derby Lane Racino by which his yet unidentified cohort walked away from the poker game with thirty grand in profit.

According to reports, surveillance at the casino/greyhound track had quality videotape of Butler false-shuffling the cards on several occasions. The winning player also was an ex-poker dealer at the casino. He has not yet  been charged with a crime but probably will be soon.

This is not the first smudge on poker-play in the Tampa/St. Petersberg area. Twenty miles from the Derby Lane Casino is the Silks poker room at Tampa Bay Downs where several cheating incidents and good old-fashioned ripoffs occurred in poker tournaments. In December, 2016 the Pompano Beach Poker Tour collapsed in disgraced after it was revealed that several winning players from its Aruba main event who were due more than $300,000 had never been paid, including the tournament winner Stephen Deutsch who was supposed to receive more than $133,000.

As well, Tampa Bay Downs is involved in a lawsuit in which a Ponzi scheme bilked several poker players out of large sums of money. And if that were not enough, pro poker player Mark Klang accused fellow South Florida pros Justin Zaki, Paul Dlugozima, Fillip Khavin and WSOP bracelet-winner John Racener of not paying nearly $500,000 in debts tied to games they played at the Derby Lane.

My take: Well, it seems to me like Tampa is to crooked poker what Steubenville, Ohio was once to crooked casinos!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vegas Mass Murderer Paddock's Motive Appears to be Related to Gambling Losses

Back on October 16, I wrote an article about what I thought was Stephen Paddock´s motive for mass-murdering 58 innocent people and wounding hundreds more in Las Vegas on October 1st. As deranged as he had to be to commit such a heinous act, the reason appeared quite obvious to me once it was reported that Paddock had no terrorism connection and had left no communication explaining his act.

And what really made the case for me was that he had been losing heavily playing Las Vegas video poker machines. He was also losing some of his high-living comps at the casinos, which must have aggravated him greatly.

So I wrote that his motive had to be an attack on the Las Vegas establishment itself, not on the people who were killed and injured. In other words, Paddock was pissed off about losing his money and decided to make Las Vegas pay for it.

Those of you who read my post may have been surprised by my summation but recently this article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal. It supports my theory, and unless or until some other viable theory comes to light, it is a fact that Stephen Paddock murdered and wounded all those people simply because he was enraged about his massive gambling losses.