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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Newest High-Tech Casino Cheat Device...You Guessed It!

Time to Cheat!
Of course you did! It is nothign other than the smart watch, the next increment after (you guessed it again!) the smart phone.

So how is it being done...or how will it be done?

Well, let´s start with what these smart watches have, realizing that all these components are neatly tucked into a smaller device than the smart phone any other communication devices and computers that have been used before to cheat casinos.

For starters, there is, of course, the camera. Next comes the accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, chronograph, calculator, cell phone, touch screen, GPS navingation system, map display, graphical display, speaker, scheduler, SD cards recognized as mass storage devices by computers, rechargeable battery, and, of course again, the watch.

Add to that the reality that the smart watch can communicate with a wireless headset, heads-up display, insulin pump, microphone, modem and other devices that lots of you (including me) probably never heard of.

So...need I say more?

Well, I guess I have to in order to complete this article.

Just thing about a game like roulette where you want to calculate the speed of the spinning ball and the rotation of the spinning wheel. Does that ring a bell? Now you can throw out that old, grimy roulette computer and get to work tracking the ball on your smart watch.

What about height? I did mention the smart watch´s altimeter, right? Can that help with the roulette ball´s jumps in and out of  the wheel´s number-pockets? You bet (but don´t ask me how!).

What about the thermometer? Well, I don´t know about that one, but maybe you can take a nervous pit-boss´s temperature.

And finally a word or two about the compass and camera. The compass can surely help you with your own logistics inside the casino, especially if you have to escape or hide, and the camera, as all you cheats and casino personnel know, will always be of great use in cheating casinos and poker rooms. Photos and videos will always be an integral part of the casino cheat´s arsenal.

One last question you might ask: Does the $10,000 solid-gold smart watch help the casino or poker cheat more than an ordinary smart watch?

No! In fact it´s a hindrance. It weighs too damn much!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inside-Dealer Baccarat Cheating Scams Continue to Proliferate

When will it all end? frustrated casino executives are asking.

I have said it before and I´ll say it again: NEVER!

The game of baccarat is just too tailor-made for dealer-agent casino-cheating partnerships, and despite the heavy criminal penalties for interstate and international casino-cheating operations, the Asian casino-cheat games keep on going. They recruit they´re dealers (sometimes not Asian), then send in their players to take the money off the high-stakes baccarat tables. This has been going on long before the infamous Tran Organization false-shuffle scam broke nearly a decade ago, and it will continue for decades to come.

The casino most hit by these inside baccarat scams is Foxwoods in Connecticut. I have been saying for years that this is the easiest casino in the world to cheat, despite their investing thousands of dollars in game protection from casino consultant Bill Zender and others, who are obviously not enough to win Foxwoods´ war against the casino cheats.

The most recent insider cheat-ring to sting Foxwoods was just last December where a dealer was arrested for dumping a cool half-million on a group of his fellow Asian players. And don´t forget, this is only the last major case we know about. I am sure there have been others going on there that remain undetected.

A month before that in November, three Chinese nationals were denied more than a million in winnings after being accused of a Phil-Ivey-type edge-sorting scam at the baccarat table. There was no mention of inside dealer help in that case, but I firmly believe it was there, The three Chinese gamblers are currently suing Foxwoods for $3 million, which will never be awarded to them.

These scams are also continuing to flourish in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and I see no end to this tidal wave of baccarat cheating.

Talk About STUPID with a capital S!

STUPID casino cheat 
Now there are lots of brazen casino cheats and poker cheats out there. Some of them are smart, so of them are not so smart, and some of them are downright STUPID! Read the following article about a long-time Las Vegas based blackjack and roulette-pastposting cheat and you´ll get what I mean. 
Convicted casino cheater Jubreal Chahine may have been slick enough to elude Las Vegas police, who have lodged seven arrest warrants against him for casino-related crimes in the Silver State.
But the 40-year-old Nevada resident wasn't smart enough to fool security at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem this week. Maybe he wasn't on his game.
Despite being listed on the Nevada Gaming Control Board's "Most Wanted" list, Chahine applied for a player's card using his correct name and birth date.
Sands casino officials quickly determined that he was wanted and alerted the Pennsylvania state troopers stationed at the casino. Officers approached Chahine on the casino floor Saturday afternoon and arrested him.
"Sands subscribes to various industry databases, through which they were able to see who he was," state police Sgt. Robert Caprari said. "The trooper confirmed his identity and found that he was also wanted on charges from two other Pennsylvania casinos."
Chahine was arrested without incident, Caprari said.

Las Vegas officials say that Chahine is one of the worst cheaters to stroll the strip.
Court records show he's been arrested 14 times since 1999, in gambling halls all over Las Vegas and Reno. Casino security officers have caught him slipping more chips on roulette tables after the wheel was spun, and surreptitiously upping his blackjack bet after seeing his hand.
There are seven active warrants out for Chahine, for allegedly failing to show up for trial in Nevada for casino-related offenses.
"He's a repeat offender," said Karl Bennison, chief of enforcement for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. "Guys like him, they get caught, and they just come back. He's gone to prison for this, but he keeps doing it."
Chahine was charged in Bethlehem with being a fugitive from justice and jailed in Northampton County Prison under $150,000 bail.
Bennison, who spent part of his childhood in Easton, said he was pleased to hear that Chahine was caught. Although Chahine is well known in Vegas casinos, he's been slick enough to get away with the same crimes over and over.
"Our casinos are pretty open, so it's not hard for people like this to get in," he said. "In some overseas casinos, players go through a turnstile, but we have multiple entrances. And it can get very crowded."
Dealers are trained to thwart scammers like Chahine, Bennison said, but sometimes they get distracted.
"That's why we have the eye in the sky," Bennison said, referring to the numerous security cameras in modern casinos.
Chahine is wanted on seven counts of attempting fraudulent acts in a gaming establishment, a felony. Court records say he uses numerous aliases, including Alexander Allen, Allen Gabriel, Gabriell Allen, Gabriel Alexander and Allen Allen.
If convicted in Nevada, he could face more than a year in prison for each crime, as well as fines exceeding $10,000.
While the casinos are the alleged victims in Chahine's case, Bennison said scammers often don't stop at stealing from the establishments — they target other players.
"They'll take your chips when you're not looking, or reach over and print out your winnings at a slot machine while you're distracted," he said. "Casinos do a lot to protect their guests, but you should definitely be aware of your surroundings and take precautions."

Monday, December 29, 2014

Casinos on the Lookout For New Year`s Eve Casino and Poker Cheats!

I have mentioned many times over the years that New Year`s Eve is the biggest night of the year for casino cheats as well as poker cheats, mainly for professionals. And the most important gambling area in the world for them on this night is clearly Las Vegas, where I have made HUGE scores during my days as the World`s most prolific casino cheat.

Casino surveillance and investigative agencies know this as well, thus they will be out in numbers patrolling casino floors and poker rooms, and they will be passing along info to all their client casinos upon spotting known professional cheats.

But does this mean they will be effective stopping the hordes of casino cheats New Year`s Eve?

Not really. They might make an arrest or two, but with the huge crowds and party atmosphere flowing up and down the Strip and along Fremont Street, the casino cheats and the poker cheats will make more than enough cash cheating to pay for their expensive champagne during their celebratory parites after cashing out their chips!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And that goes for all you poker cheats and casino cheats as well as all of you in the casino game protection business trying to stop all those poker cheats and casino cheats!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Online Poker Cheating Continues to Proliferate

Many claims of online poker cheating are marring the integrity of the online poker world, and it appears to be getting worse. PokerStars, one online poker site that has been committed to combat online poker cheats, has released a video explaining what it is doing to help prevent cheating. The site itself, like most others, has been the victim of several online cheat scams, the most recent occurring in October, 2013, which resulted in PokerStars refunding $50,000 to victims of that poker fraud.
PokerStars explains how it combats cheating in its newest Inside PokerStars video.                    
Director of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser introduces the video in a blog post, explaining that “the vast majority of poker players are fundamentally honest. But when you have more than 67 million registered players, with as many as 400,000 playing at a single time, there are going to be some who don’t play fair.”                                                                                                   
Two members of the team devoted to detecting and preventing cheating explain that evenattempts to cheat are surprisingly rare. They analyze all player reports which point to potential cheating, the most common allegation being collusion—where two or more players are sharing information and acting together.                                                                                                                                                
The reported incidents are analyzed by expert players, along with the players’ playing history to detect any “abnormal playing patterns.” Technical analysts check whether the alleged colluders are operating from the same physical location, using the same hardware and software etc. The Game Integrity Team that carries out this work consists of over 50 poker playing specialists.
Hollreiser states that a full 20% of PokerStars employees work in the areas of “protecting the integrity of the games and ensuring compliance with regulators.”                                             
No technical information that could help potential cheaters is given out in the short video, but PokerStars explains that cheating by using “bots”—software that automates poker decisions—is countered by systems that look for “non-human behavior patterns.”                                                     
My take: PokerStars has clearly taken the responsible positon at being on the front lines in the war on online poker cheating, but this war is almost like the war against ISIS and other terrorist groups in the real world. There is only so much they can do, and the online poker cheats are as smart or even smarter than those security experts working for PokerStars and the other sites. So the bottom line is: all online poker players are always at some risk while playing poker online.  

Big Online Poker Cheating Ring Operating out of Denmark

Against many critics, I have been continuously warning the public about online poker cheating and fraud. It will continue to grow at the same rate as the industry itself grows. And one thing that remains constant through all this is that no one ever gets prosecuted. Although we are hearing about a current investigation into online poker cheats in Denmark, I still doubt anyone will actually face criminal charges on this.
This article details the latest mega-online poker cheat scandal.
A Danish online poker player has been accused of online fraud by Denmark’sEconomic Crime Department.
Local authorities believe that the professional player may have cheated in a number of online high stakes games and accumulated millions of dollars in illegal profits.
On Dec. 9, Denmark’s reported that Copenhagen police Commissioner Torben Koldbrog confirmed that an investigation was underway.
According to what Koldborg said to the local media, "A 32-year old player, who is part of the Danish poker elite" is currently under investigation and was officially notified about it in October.
Police also explained that, to date, the man has not been formally charged with a crime.
PNN also reports that investigators believe that the high stakes pro perpetrated the fraud by installing trojans on a number of computers he got access to. These programs would have allowed him to play online poker while seeing the hole cards of his opponents.
While the Danish media announced that an official statement on the issue may become available later today or during the early hours of Dec. 11, talks immediately heated up on the international poker forums.
Two Plus Two member 'sunino' was the first one to try to connect the dots and link the declarations that came from Koldborg with a thread opened in August 2013 to discuss some alleged cheating against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.
At that time, in the fourth part (now offline) of a series of articles titled The Making of Viktor Blom published on HighStakesDB, Blom moved some serious allegations against 2007 European Poker Tour Warsaw champion Peter 'Zupp' Jepsen and Sweden’s Robert 'Gulkines' Flink.
According to Blom, Jeosen allowed Flink to play against Blom from his account, causing him losses of $800,000 on Bet365 Poker. 
"I was contacted by Bet365," Jepsen explained at that time. "They came to me and claimed that they had evidence that I had let someone else use my account against Blom. I admitted it, and explained to them that my Swedish friend had lost his own bankroll and was desperate to continue playing. I don’t think what happened next, has ever happened before or since."
The issue, however, was settled without any major legal consequences, as the poker room allowed the players to transfer the money back to Blom and officially close the issue.
"Bet365 returned to me with a decision,” Jepsen said. “They decided that I had to pay Blom the full amount: $800,000. In the meantime Gulkines had continued playing on the account and unfortunately lost $300,000.
"This meant that there was now only $650,000 in the account instead of $950,000 as had been the case right after the match vs. Blom. Bet365 insisted that I deposited $150,000 so that they could transfer the full figure to Blom. If I did not agree, they said they would drag me to court and make sure that I never played online poker again…anywhere!"
The episode in 2013 is not the only one that involves Jepsen in a case of cheating. Back in 2009, PokerNews UK editor Matthew Pitt reported that the Danish pro discovered that he had been one of many targets of a scam ring.
At that time, Jepsen explained that, upon suggestion of a friend, he visited what appeared to be a legitimate poker site - where he was prompted with the request to install a “new” version of Flash.
Knowing that he already had the latest version available at the time, Jepsen decided to investigate on the issue and ask a friend from the police IT department to have a look at the site.
After a thorough analysis of the web page, the police official found out that the site contained a backdoor trojan, which would likely install a key-logger that would make it possible to record the victim's login details and data, and send them back to the originator.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014 Casino Turkey-Cheat of the Year Goes to....

yours truly!

Yes, that's right, Richard Marcus, perhaps the greatest casino-cheat of all tine, is this year`s casino turkey-cheat...or casino cheat-turkey, however you want to look at it.

Why me?

Because....I tried like hell to select a casino turkey-cheat among all those idiots who hatched hairbrained casino and poker-cheat scams that got busted and busted again, and there were so many during the year that I couldn´t select one that stood out above the rest. They were all so utterly stupid and ridiculous.

But then I had a revelation! The biggest idiot of them all is me!


Because I`m the one writing about this flock of idiots!!! LOL

Monday, November 24, 2014

Poker-Collusion Down at World Series Events?

Actually, it is. The reason for this is due to the sheer huge numbers of participants in the events, especially the main-event championship. Back in the day when there were only a few hundred, or even a few thousand in the main event, it paid off for the poker-colluding tournament cheat-syndicates to team up against the rest of the field. This was extremely prevalent during the `90s when many of the same players were ending up at far too many final tables to be believed naturally. But today, even with perfect colluding, it is very difficult to get a player to a final table, no matter how many chip-dumps his colluding-team can manage

If you go back and take a look at the results in the early and mid ´90s, you will see what I mean. There were often two-time and three-time event-winners a few years running. Even though you might chalk this up to the much lesser amount of entrants in the events, I assure you that these happenings defied probability to the very core of its definition. 

I wrote about this extensively in my book "Dirty Poker." I changed the names of the tournaments and did not name the top players who I felt were involved in the collusion, but if you read in between the lines and the facts I laid out, you can figured out which players I intimated were involved in the WSOP collusion-cheating syndicates, most of whom are still very active in the WSOP today.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Casino Cheats wearing Halloween Masks Storm thru Vegas Casinos!

Find me!
And they made a killing while none were apprehended! This is because Halloween night is a special event on the casino and poker cheats´ calender. It is the only time of the year when they get to work the casinos and poker rooms with either no identity or various identities. What I mean is simply that they can hide behind their masks when they do their cheat moves, and then take them off afterwards. This is key when a cheat is taking heat in the casino. Imagine a guy wearing a Frankenstein mask cheats the blackjack table and the casino gets on to him. Then the cheat gets up, hurries around a bank of slot machines and then takes off his mask. He then has the option of putting on another mask that he has crunched in his jacket pocket, or simply continue his escape wearing his real face.

I´d take his odds of successfully escaping the casino on Halloween night any day!!!
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