Sunday, June 30, 2019


The man is a liar and B.S. artist
While looking through game protection posts, I came across one by James Hartley, a longtime casino security and surveillance person who has appeared on many of the Travel Channel-type casino-cheating shows and even got himself on a “60 Minutes” segment profiling Phil Ivey and Ivey’s baccarat edge-sorting scam. Hartley’s post read, “Yeah, this was me. Just wait, I will be telling these stories and more on TBTH Vegas.”
And was followed by a second post that read, “Michael Kaplan at my request had changed some info to make it less obviously me, the name of the bet switch probably got smudged in the process, good catch on the ID though. Coming soon a video breakdown of Richard's book "American Roulette" and his crew and their tactics.”
Hartley is referring to an article written by Michael Kaplan, a well known casino-subjects writer who often delves into the world of cheating and advantage play. The article profiles a “Cheater Catcher” using the pseudonym B.C. which stands for "Beating Cheaters" but in Hartley's case should stand for "Bullcrap." His reference to “the name of the bet switch probably got smudged…” is probably a coverup for his getting caught fabricating his false story of my blackjack and roulette cheating moves.
I don’t know why, but just yesterday Hartley admitted he was indeed B.C. and the subject of Kaplan’s article. Was he challenged or is this a new attempt at self-publicity for his latest casino game protection venture?
In the article, Hartley goes on a self-aggrandizing diatribe how he caught just about every cheat and every cheat move from here to eternity. He claims he busted highly professional card-marking teams. He claims he busted top organized professional roulette-cheat teams. Add to his busts-list the MIT Blackjack team and then to that Richard Marcus. Reading the article, if you believe it, would surely make you think Hartley is a walking state-of the-art surveillance system enhanced by a private army of gorilla take-down artists.
He makes such brash statements as “Death from above, baby!” referring to his catching everyone from the eye-in-the-sky and “It was a rush to take the MIT guys down” and “I spotted all kinds of shit that other people missed” and “Richard Marcus’ move was beautiful but I caught him too” and finally, the article says that Hartley “brags about the scalps he’s taken.”
Brag is the understatement of the year! And much of...if not all the bragging is pure bullshit.
Take Richard Marcus for example. Hartley say’s he caught me. 
Really? Got any records of that, Jim? 
Of course he doesn’t. He never caught me. He lied that he did to pass himself off as some master casino-cheat catcher. The most likely scenario is that he learned about my blackjack move on which he claims to have caught me from Bill Zender, who at the time had Hartley listed as an associate on his website. 
I remember Hartley at the 2007 WGPC bragging how he had a video of me doing the move. He didn’t mention anything about catching me or anyone else doing the move, and the video didn’t show anyone in handcuffs or being removed from the blackjack table. In fact, I am not even sure if it was me in the video. The only thing you saw were the guy’s hands switching the chips. 
Lemme tell you something: I am long done in the casino-cheating business but If I took Jim Hartley by the hand and said, “Come with me, Jim, I wanna show you a blackjack pastpost move,” and did it right under his nose, he wouldn’t even see it let alone catch me. 
James Hartley is a zero with a capital Z and an asshole as well.
So as he was completely full of crap with that story, how can you believe anything of his other claims to cheat-catcher fame. His statement that his first captives were the MIT blackjack team…I would bet the odds of that being true are greater than a blackjack six-card-Charlie. Hartley duped the writer Kaplan with all this crap, and the writer should have done some fact-checking before submitting his article to “Cigar Aficionado” magazine.
In his posts, Hartley links to both the magazine article and my 2016 blog post about it, in which I guessed correctly that B.C was none other than James Hartley. How did I know it was Hartley? Simply because he’s the only person in the Game Protection field who speaks the way he speaks. The abrasive false bravado badass act is his trademark. He should not have bothered to hide behind the pseudonym. It was terribly obvious it was him. 
And now he is outted! If any of you doubt me, ask Hartley if he really ever caught Richard  Marcus. If he still says he did, then I don’t know what to tell you besides maybe he lives on another planet stroking his galactic ego. 
And now he says he says he’s gonna do a video breakdown of my book “American Roulette” and of my crew and my tactics. 
And he’s promising to tell this and more stories on his new TBTH Vegas venture…Ok, Jim, but let’s see some stories that are true, please. 
Does his TBTH stand for Try Being Totally Honest? I sure hope not. 
This guy is a pure liar...gross exaggerator on his best day. 
Okay, I didn’t want to get back into this garbage again, but I’m pulled back into it the way Michael Corleone was in “Godfather 3” Most of you have read my scathing article about the World Game Protection Conspiracy to blacklist me from US game protection. Lots of you thought was full of shit. But remember, I don’t write unless I can prove it. And I can prove that Hartley not only never busted me but never was anywhere within a mile of any of my blackjack moves, the grand majority of which were done when he was still working in Atlantic City. 
So now that you know Hartley was full of it, maybe you might believe what I said in my WGPC article just a little bit more. 
And finally a word to the wise: I have said for a longtime now that many game protection consultants and trainers are nothing more than frauds. So if you’re looking to hire one, make a good choice. Avoid guys who make credibility claims that are self-aggrandizing nonsense. I make some self-promoting claims as well, but I am who I say I am and have done what I say I’ve done.
Okay…I can imagine that James Hartley is gonna be pissed as hell about this article. 
But, James, this is what you get for shooting off the mouth like a blowfish. 
It’s called “Death from below, baby!”