Friday, March 22, 2019

These Macau Multi-Personnel-Driven-Casino-Scams are ridiculous but they seem to work way too long before being discovered

Zape District of Macau
I keep reading about these scams and remain incredulous as to how and why they keep working. I understand that Macau has tons of huge action and that properly monitoring it all can be difficult, but as well I have read articles saying their surveillance rooms are staffed with much more people per gaming table than anywhere else in the world, and that they are extremely professional and capable people.

I am not saying they're not. I have poured over pages that attest to great credentials for the majority of Macau surveillance directors, but shouldn't their departments be quicker to pick up on some of these ridiculous scams? Or maybe they're just not getting enough help from Table Games on the floor. Or maybe some of the accounts I am reading about these scams are not accurate.

If anyone knows more about the scam I write about below, please let us know.

I read that one un-named casino in the Zape sector of Macau, which has smaller casinos than the main Casino Strip there, was victimized by no less than 5 current or former employees in a chip-fraud scam that netted HK$ 2.5 million before it was busted. The insider cheat team consisted of two surveillance people, two dealers and one PR person.

If I understood this right, their player agent(s) came to the gaming tables and ostensibly changed single HK$ 10,000 chips for ten HK$ 1,000 chips but were given ten HK$ 10,000 chips by the dealers instead, ripping the casino off for HK$ 90,000 each time. Apparently this fraud happened at least 20 times since January when the casino opened.

The scam finally came apart when casino staff (not sure which staff) reviewed surveillance records and then discovered one of the player/agents was wearing a wig.

Wow! This should have been discovered sooner no matter what the appearance of the player/agent was.

Again, I am not sure that this scam went down the way I read it did, but if it did, the fact that it happened in Zape and not the Cotai Strip does not minimize the ramifications of it.