Saturday, March 16, 2019

If You Think Cruise Ship Casinos Take Surveillance Lightly...Think Again!

Many people, lots of them casino cheats and advantage players, seem to think that cruise-ship Surveillance Departments are not up to par with those working at land-based casinos. I don't know why this belief exists; perhaps it's because of the party atmosphere found aboard these ships, or some other reasons having to do with jurisdiction, regulatory issues or whatever.

But don't be fooled!

This belief is as false as a fifth-suit playing card!

I have trained two cruise-ship lines surveillance departments. I found each of them as experienced and knowledgeable as the most efficient land-based casinos worldwide, including those in Las Vegas.

In fact, one of them I have very recently trained, a melange of dedicated people from at least 4 different continents, meshed together like a well-trained intelligence agency. These international people have seen various scams bred in various countries and are as sharp as they come!

And this sharpness comes from the top. At Norwegian Cruise Line I immediately noted the relationship between the Surveillance Director and his staff. He was hands-on all the way, and exhibited great patience while helping me reinforce some of the finer points of high-level casino-cheating moves. His people were quite receptive of him, and of me as well. They were already knowledgeable about lots of sophisticated cheating scams and humble enough to want to learn more. One guy in the department was so eager to talk about this stuff that he cornered me in the hotel lobby hours after the training and made viable suggestions on how to detect advanced high-level card-counting teams that I profiled in the class.

And if that were not enough, the senior vice president walked in in the middle of the training and gave a short speech filled with praise and appreciation for his staff that even motivated me! This was a rare event and a pleasure to witness.

And to those of you who work or worked for Carnival Cruise Line when I trained there, I have not forgotten you. When I met some seventy people from the Carnival Surveillance staff, including their Fleet Surveillance Director, I found a very similar situation with very capable people from each continent who are very dedicated to their work.

So...Casino Cheats and Advantage Players: