Thursday, July 19, 2018

What will Casino Cheating be like in Japan when Casinos Open up...Will it follow its Asian Counterparts?

Cheats Coming to Japan?
We all know there are currently four major casino gaming areas in Asia: Macau, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines...and we all know that each of the four are MEGA-Casino-Cheating areas. There is no doubt that casino-cheating scams in Macau and Singapore are the highest "per capita per casino employee/customer" in the world, and there is even more no doubt that they are the highest when speaking about casino scams engineered by dealers and other floor employees.

So what can we expect when Japan opens its casino doors? More of the same?

Well, I am already reading articles about the impending Yakuza infiltration of Japan's coming casinos, but that mob invasion is not directly, at least to my knowledge, connected to actual casino-cheating operations, unlike the Chinese Triads that do actually pilot casino-cheat gangs running rampant in Macau. The Japanese Yakuza gangs will most likely be limited to non-gaming casino criminal activities such as loan-sharking, money-laundering and prostitution.

Apart from that, I don't see Japanese professional casino cheats sprouting up all over the Japanese archipelago. My opinion is based on the difference between Japanese culture and other Asian cultures, especially when it comes to gambling. As it can be said that Chinese, and to some extent Koreans, have gambling in their blood, it cannot be said this is true about Japanese. There is too much honor in Japanese culture to allow gambling, any form of gambling, to sit on such a high perch of cultural importance.

Therefore, when there is less general gambling within a population, there is, generally speaking, less people cheating at gambling. So we will not see the tremendous volume of cheating in Japanese casinos that we do in Singapore and Macau, and certainly much less when it comes to Japanese casino employees getting involved in cheating their own casinos. The Japanese Honor Code forbids it.

But don't forget that Japan, like all other major casino gambling areas, will get its fair amount of international professional casino-cheat teams flocking to the tables when they are open for business.