Thursday, June 21, 2018

What's With Tommy Hyland?

What's he up to?
The legendary blackjack card-counter has been popping up over the past few months in casinos you probably wouldn't expect to find him. But several smaller casinos across the US have not only spotted Hyland, they've shuffled up the decks on him. One thing I find a bit weird is that he has reportedly been playing blackjack without a disguise, which doesn't seem to fit when you're one of the most famous card-counting enemies of casinos across the country.

Why is he getting caught so often?

Why is he not bothering with disguises, which would most likely reduce the amount of times he gets caught, or at least the amount of time he spends in particular casinos before getting caught?

I've heard he's been caught several times just minutes after sitting down at the blackjack table!

So what's he up to? Did one of the best card-counters in history suddenly develop stupid-syndrome?

I highly doubt it. As a matter of fact, I have a hunch about what Mr. Hyland is up to. It's a little off-the-wall but it might make sense.

Consider this, especially if you're in casino surveillance: Could Tommy Hyland be using himself as a decoy while other unknown card counters, of course members of his team, are going through the casino devouring positive counts while the surveillance apparatus is trained on him?

Well, I guess that would work for him and his team, at least for a while. But eventually, and without me telling them, surveillance people are going to figure this out if it is indeed what's going on.

How? Simply by properly monitoring their tables and investigating all the red flags their software and table games staff alert them to.

Remember, good table games and surveillance game protection measures will weed out all the counters--no matter what guile and games they craft.