Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Let's Not Exaggerate the SugarHouse Casino Automatic Card Shuffler Incidents

Great Casino!
Okay the SugarHouse Casino was fined by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for what it called the casino's using "illegitimate" decks as a result of malfunctioning automatic card shufflers. It appears that some blackjack games and poker tournaments were affected by the improperly shuffled decks and missing cards, but it is not clear if those problems actually caused casino patrons to lose any money or not. Sometimes these mistakes actually lead to players winning instead of losing, even though this of course is not an excuse for the mistakes that occurred.

But when the word "illegitimate" is used in the media to describe the affected decks, over-reaction can and does occur. I have received some emails asking if the SugarHouse Casino can be trusted or if they were purposely causing their automatic card shufflers to malfunction in order to gain some kind of extra advantage against their players.

This is ridiculous!

Mistakes like this occur all the time in casinos all over the world. I have been witness to so many procedural violations and equipment malfunctions over the course of hundreds of undercover investigations I have done for casino clients. To single out the SugarHouse Casino for this error is both unfair and a discredit to the casino industry. The casino has done what it needed to do to rectify the situation. It agreed to pay the fine and fired two supervisors even though there was absolutely no collusion or intent at the root of the mistakes. It has also taken measures to insure this problem does not reoccur.

When PGCB David M. Barasch asked, "What was going on in SugarHouse that caused this amount of mess-ups in that short time?", PGCB Director of Enforcement Counsel Cyrus Pitre replied that carelessness and boredom seemed to be the likely explanations.

This may be true but it is not a state of dealers' and supervisors' job environments unique to the SugarHouse. Dealing can be a very monotonous job, and supervisors who on busy nights are so over-busied by players cards and tracking play that other integral parts of the casino operation, especially those concerning table games protection, get overlooked because there is often simply not enough time to properly enforce it. This is a similar problem to the one above the casino floor in surveillance departments, that being the fact that they are more times than not significantly understaffed.

So all that said, let's just keep this in perspective and not overreact to seeing negative reports on the SugarHouse popping up on some of these headlines-grabbing twitter accounts that report casino robberies every day.

The SugarHouse Casino is a fine one. You can have all the confidence in the world in it.

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Meet Terry Roses! Then learn how to spot marked cards in live casinos!

Training wih Terry and Steve Hamilton
I just met Terry Roses at the 2018 Upper Midwest Intelligence Gathering (UMIG), which is the intelligence unit of casino security and surveillance personnel for midwestern casinos. I was the main speaker there, scheduled for the second day of the two-day conference. I had no intention of being there the first day, until a Minnesota surveillance director emailed me about a guy who was going to do a presentation that first day all about identifying marked cards in casinos. 
That guy was Terry Roses, and after hearing about his "secret lab," I became so intrigued that I made a last minute change of airline tickets to be able to get there in time to see Terry's presentation the day before mine.
And boy was it some presentation! The best and most interesting I´ve ever attended at any game protection conference. Terry perfectly presented his material, interweaving his own life and how he developed a keen interest in marked cards with that of displaying several casino-cheating gadgets and finally his own invention, which is a fabulous little handheld gizmo with which ALL daub card-markings can be seen and identified on the spot. I have been told by several high-profile surveillance executives in Las Vegas that it is the BEST DEVICE of its kind ever to hit the market.
I then had the unexpected pleasure of Terry helping me with my own presentation! He was tremendous!
And Terry, who goes by the name of the "honest cheat," is just that. I mean this guy is even more honest than he looks. He is also humble, so much so that he had to be pushed to aggresively market his product.
It is called the Inspecta Card Scanner and you can see it by making an appointment with Terry. Perhaps he'll show you his secret lab!
So I urge all surveillance departments that want to be able to detect marks on suspicious cards on the spot to get a hold of Terry's Inspecta Card Scanner. It will serve you well!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Your reaction to my Claims that Willy Allison and Jeff Murphy used the World Game Protection Conference to Blacklist me from Training Casinos

I've got Supporters!
I published the article one week ago. For those of you who have not read it, please find it here.
First and foremost, publishing this article has been the proudest and happiest moment of my life, bringing much more joy and satisfaction than the five books and hundeds of magazine articles I have written and had published. The reason is because after ten years of the unjust criticism I suffered at the hands of Willy Allison, Jeff Murphy and the World Game Protection Conference, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that I surely lost, I finally got the chance to air out my frustration to all of you--and to my great surprise I was utterly well received.
I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to read it, as it was indeed lengthy, winded and full of links to even more lengthy and winded articles. Kudos to those who actually got through all those links!
And to those of you who publically commented in my favor and reshared the article, especially those currently in high surveillance positions, I appreciate your courage in doing so as you were openly going against the grain--but not nearly as much as I had thought. You will see what I mean down the page.
But first the statistics. The views and full-reads of this article continue steadily as I type these words. They have already been quite numerous. I was hoping for lots more but very few people were willing to reshare the article, let alone publish the positive comments on the forum that they sent to me in private. I certainly understand that as the Willy Allison WGPC machine is very powerful, and upsetting it can hurt people's pocketbooks and reputations, by way of losing their jobs and/or contacts.
So again, for those few of you in these positions who publically supported me with your "likes," comments and reshares of my article, I owe you a special debt of gratitude. The reluctance of the mass readership to do so can be compared to the situation right now in the US Senate, although I do not want to get political!
Okay, a lot of views...but just 45 "likes" and 25 reshares. Proportionally speaking, those are very low numbers. There are also only a half-dozen comments, the number actually shown overstated by repeaters and my own replies. But due to the controversial nature of this article as well as its David-against-Goliath nature, the low response in those areas is quite understandable.
However, there is one facet to the whole response spectrum that is unbelievable--and I mean so unbelievable that I would have bet my house to win a dollar on its never occuring.
That is: Out of all the readers thus far, not one...I repeat...NOT ONE...defended or supported Willy Allison.
I would have expected dozens of them, at the least.
Then there is one more astounding facet to the whole response spectrum--and on this one I would have bet my summer house as well (if I had one) to win the same dollar on its never ocurring.
That is: Out of all the readers thus far, not one...I repeat...NOT ONE...attacked or ridiculed me. There was absolutely none of that "you're an idiot...you know nothing about game protection...you're incompetent" stuff that Okada Resort AVP Tim Gilbert threw at me, propelling the article in the first place. There was one casino operations director who called me a "douche" in his message, but he stated his reason for doing so was that I was an ex-cheat who got a lot of dealers and floor personnel fired.
I cannot change who I am or what I did, but I assured the CO director that I never caused one casino employee to lose his or her job, and that is the truth. It it also the truth that for the past 15 years, through my book "American Roulette" and training table games and surveillance staffs, I have been providing a valuable service to casinos.
But all in all, what happened? How is it possible that after being badmouthed by the entire WGPC community for more than a decade not one WGPC-goer offered one iota of criticism against me. If you examine the public comments as of this writing, you will see just two negative comments, both of which have been corrected and turned into positives by the writers of those comments.
Baron Stringfellow, who criticized but did not attack me over a years-ago blog article I wrote mentioning him in a disrespectful light, quickly received my apology which was due. And Baron quickly turned his negative comment into a reshare for me.
Wow! Thank you, Baron.
How many of you know Darrin Hoke? If you remember, in my article I offered my apologies to that indeed talented surveillance professional for having ridiculed him, even though I had never met him. The last thing I expected was any recognition at all from Darrin.
Well, guess what? Darrin gave my article a "like"! Can you believe that? And if memory serves me correct, he did speak at the WGPC.
And Darrin, if you would, please accept my Linkedin invitation. I would love to have you as a connection.
So...what does all this mean?
You know, I don't know. My hope is that it means that there are lots of you who read the article and believe me and accept the evidence trail I put forth to prove the conspiracy against me. It is also my hope that lots of you give credence to my statements that the WGPC is overbloated and really serves Willy Allison much more than the Game Protection Industry.
But I have to pull back here and accept another possible explanation. Maybe the omnipotent Allison put the word out to leave Richard Marcus's article alone, so it gets fewer and fewer readers and goes away quicker, and then we can brush him under the rug and maybe he'll just go away...Hey, you like that one, Willy!
But you know what, I´m really pretty much doubting that happened because, as I said, I did not get any negative comments in private. And I don't think Allison would object to any comments defending him on the public forum. So If anyone challenges this by posting now against me or in favor of Allison, you would have to question the validity of those comments suddenly appearing after the publication of this second article, wherever they may be posted.
To sum up the totality of the private comments I received, most of which had an "off the record" or similar disclaimer, the reason for no support for Allison and no condemnation of me was twofold:
1) The general game-protection community as a whole has come to the realization that Willy Allison is much more about himself and his brand than he is for the betterment of the game protection industry that he claims.
2) Not a whole lot of people think very highly of Jeff Murphy, especially in Las Vegas.
Now to something I learned from those people who wrote to me in private, and I was completely unaware of it as I have more or less been banished from the US game protection industry for a decade.
One of my worst detractors who has spoken at the WGPC, and who has badmouthed not only me but others as well over the years, was himself fired from a high-level surveillance position after allegedly receiving kickbacks from vendors selling surveillance equipment to his own casino. The said individual is still working in a high-level surveillance position, much to my bewilderment. And he has caused several high-level surveillance people to lose their jobs in the furtherance of his own agenda while he consulted to surveillance departments in casinos across the US.
I of course cannot mention his name, but I would bet a large percentage of you know exactly who I am talking about. He is a real piece of garbage.
I wonder if his current employee, far from Vegas, knows about this.
Maybe I'll drop a dime on 'em...and I will have more to say about this rotten apple in an overwhelmingly honest surveillance industry.
Stay tuned. As the months go by leading up to the 2019 World Game Protection Conference in March, I will be steadily commenting on it. I'm sure I will have lots to say about the 2019 lineup of speakers. I'm also sure there will be several smoke-and-mirrors presentations, and the usual repetitive and outdated ones. But if there are fresh or relevant speakers, I will be the first to say so. I certainly don't want to see casinos wasting their money on the WGPC, but there are some quality casino people who do speak there.
One last thing: Maybe by seeing the lack of comments defending Willy Allison and Jeff Murphy on my last article, more of you will publically voice how you truly feel on this article.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Richard Marcus Keynoting WGPC
Before reading this article centered around the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas, please know that I can produce the actual emails I received from Willy Allison, Anthony Weiss, Bob Del Rossi and Kevin Mitnick as well as my responses to prove everything I have written in this article. I can also produce the articles written and interviews given by Bill Zender, Jeff Murphy and Jason England that I reference.
There is no slander, defamation or anything else the aforementioned people can claim here...Nothing but straight facts and hard evidence to back them up. In fact, I wanted to expose a lot more about the practices of Allison's WGPC, but I do not have the proof to back everything up.
The reason for this article is to set the record straight. I have been maligned unjustly for more than ten years now by people who have organized, spoken at or attended the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas--even by people who have never met me or attended any of my game protection training classes.
It is time to clear the air and get the truth out.
And for those of you who read this and think it has merit, please give the article a "like" and a reshare. I would like as many people as possible in our casino industry to read it...
As some of you may have noticed, I launched a self-promoting publicity drive on Linkedin to expand my North American client base for my casino game protection training services. I stated my experience and qualifications which you can find both on my Linkedin Profile Page and my website game protection page.
One of the people I reached out to was Tim Gilbert, who according to his Linkedin page was the AVP of table games at the Okada resort in the Philippines.
His response was both startling and abusive, in fact inflammatory.
He accused me of being a fraud, incompetent and assured me I wasn't the only ex-professional casino cheat/advantage player now currently training casino staffs in table games protection.
The fact that he was wrong on all three counts did not bother me much. What did is that Tim Gilbert not only never met me but as well never attended a game protection training class or seminar of mine. Yet he somehow conjured up this image of me being a complete phony while the comments of my clients on both of the aforementioned webpages paint me as anything but what Gilbert accused me of being.
So that is what really pissed me off--but did not surprise me in the least.
You see, I have been used to being treated this way by casino table games and surveillance directors whom I've seeked out as potential clients. It is the result of a history that began at the 2007 World Game Protection conference (WGPC), where I was the keynote speaker, and by far the main drawing card to Willy Allison's at that time fledgling conference.
In fact, I really had little interest in speaking at Allison's conference, and the thought of ever becoming a game protection consultant working for casinos had never occured to me. 
Game protection consultant Bill Zender, who was keenly impressed by me and wrote an e-zine article about me and dedicated a chapter in his book Casino-ology about me called "Learning Game Protection from the King of Pastposters," introduced me to Willy Allison in October, 2005 in Las Vegas. Allison immediately seized the opportunity to get me to give his WGPC a shot in the arm. As it was already too late to have me keynote his intial conference in February, 2006, he made sure to invite me there free of charge.
Then during the next several months after the 2006 conference, Allison maintained a steady barrage of emails to me to secure me as his keynote speaker at the 2007 edition of the WGPC.
In one of them he wrote, "Believe it or not, I am a big fan of yours."
He must have been! Priming up the buzz for his conference, he told Indian Gaming Magazine, among others, "We now have the world-renowned greatest cheat of all time, Richard Marcus. He's written a book this year himself and will discuss the popularity of poker and, in his opinion, how the poker games in casinos are full of poker players cheating each other as well as the psychology that cheats use when scamming casinos."
Little did I know that as soon as Allison was done with me, that praise was going to disappear. In fact, I have heard several accounts of his badmouthing me to attendees at his training sessions.
But yet unknowing, I finally agreed and keynoted the 2007 WGPC. During my presence there I was approached by person after person who one by one told me the only reason they came to the conference was because they wanted to meet me and see my presentation.
Ted Whiting, the current TV star surveillance expert (whom I deem worthy of the word "expert" because he is the best of the best), assured me that I was the reason he came to the 2007 WGPC.
William Joseph, another game protection consultant who was working with his father Michael, wanted me to do a demo tape for him. Then others, including Edward Weisel, at the time an executive with Harrah's Las Vegas, spoke to me about the possibility of coming to train their casino staffs.
It was the first time I'd heard of this.
And Willy Allison couldn't stop telling me how great my presentation was and how he was surely going to invite me back for the 2008 WGPC to present again.
But then, as my email inbox began cluttering up with casinos wanting to hire me to train their staffs in game protection, a series of funny things happened. The first was that Allison, who had promised me a video copy of my presentation once he had it processed, emailed to say that the hour of footage for my presentaton did not come out properly and was useless.
That certainly didn't seem believable, but I let it go.
Not only did Allison never invite me back to the WGPC, but one month before the 2008 show, in January, a very disturbing article about me appeared in Allison's online game-protection newsletter called "The Catwalk."
It was written by Jeff Murphy, currently vice president of surveillance at the Baha Mar in the Bahamas, but at the time an independent casino consultant. The title of the article was "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...How to Pick a Casino Consultant."
And keep in mind that Jeff Murphy had never even met me...to this day!
Also keep in mind that Murphy was a speaker at the World Game Protection Conference.
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" had nothing to do with Clint Eastwood's spaghetti western film of the same name. Rather it was a fierce and vicious attack against Richard Marcus. At the moment, I didn't know the reason why Murphy wrote that, and more importantly why Allison published it, but it didn't take me long to put one plus one together.
In the article, Murphy wrote, "As gaming has gained popularity, now being worthy of numerous prime-time and cable television shows, everyone is looking to cash in on the current popularity. Once proclaimed cheaters are now looking to alter their questionable pasts because they surely have the casinos and your best interests at heart, right? I think not. The reality is these former cheats are naturally gravitating toward the money in vulture-like fashion. They are scouring the fields looking for a chance to partake and feed off the heightened celebrity of casinos as consultants. I liken this new fade (allowing these former cheaters the opportunity to consult and benefit from the success of casinos) to that of being mugged by a person one day and having that same person attempt to pull at your heartstrings while panhandling the next day. Either way this person represents character traits most would deem undesirable. With that stated, I very highly question a former cheater's value as a casino consultant...
Notice that Murphy is using "they" and "these" as if he's talking about more than one former cheater. Despite his obvious effort to hide the fact he's writing about me, every single reader in the industry knew it was clearly about me, and only me, because there was not one other ex-cheater in the game-protection consulting business. NOT ONE.
Murphy went on:
"Casino professionals are hard working people providing effort to make our casinos run effectively. Yet for every hard working casino employee, there are multiple people of questionable backgrounds, looking for the quick hit while providing equal effort toward undermining casino operations. These cheaters not only represent a threat to the casino and the assets, they represent a threat to any employee who could ultimately lose a job because of a cheater's undermining activities. Where does the honor in that rate? Why should the industry provide these folks with a platform to assist their success? Bottom line, we should not value these flawed individuals by offering "rock star" status to already perceived selfish individuals."
When I read this, I knew immediately this article was written about me--solely about me. I was the only ex-casino cheat on the game protection training circuit. It was an attempt to crush my career just as it was getting started.
I immediately complained to Allison by email about the article, "Hey Willy, after all I've done for you, how can you publish that? It is clearly an attempt to defame me, to put me out of the business."
Allison merely quipped, "I knew that the article would piss some people off but I didn't think you would be one of them."
Even if true, Allison's statement says an awful lot about his lack of regard for pissing people off and certainly shows a willingness to throw people under a bus.
But of course it wasn't true. Allison wanted me out of the business. As did Jeff Murphy.
Boy, I fumed! What kind of idiot did Allison take me for? He knew damned well that the article was an attack on me, nothing more, and he condoned it--maybe even MORE THAN condoned it. Maybe he was party to it. It sure as heck made sense, I figured.
After all, Allison and Murphy knew I was all of a sudden becoming the number-one choice of casinos across North America to do their game protection training, and by becoming so I was clearly taking away potential clients from Allison himself, not to mention Murphy. So now I had my answer as to why Allison went ahead and published this extremely damaging article to me.
Bob Del Rossi, a respected gaming consultant and marketing director of Tech Art, the company that originally marketed the casino-ubiquitous blackjack hole-card reader, was the only person in the game-protection world who empathized with me. He wrote, "If I were you, I'd be pissed off too."
After a few back-and-forths with Bob, I asked Allison if he would allow me to write this article for the "Catwalk" in my defense but of course he refused.
And another funny thing occurred at around the same time. Bill Zender's praiseworthy article about me entitled "Learning Game Protection from the King of Pastposters" suddenly disappeared from his website. But it didn't disappear from the Internet. So if Bill Zender said anything negative to you about me, here's what he wrote in that article, which remains posted on several websites including Gambler's Glen Message Board, probably to the chagrin of Bill Zender.
And if you have forgotten or never gone to the WGPC, Bill Zender speaks there every year.
So by now it was clear to me that a conspiracy against me was centered within the WGPC, for which I was so instrumental getting it off the ground.
Some payback for all the help I gave Allison, right?
And if that isn't enough and you want further proof, let's go right back to my number-one critic Jeff Murphy, who in his January "Catwalk" article severely admonished NOT to hire ex-casino cheats as casino consultants, and then, lo and behold, did a complete hypocritical U-turn just two months later in his March "Catwalk" article that sang a very different tune.
In that second Catwalk article, Murphy is suddenly in awe of an ex-card cheat turned magician and actor to the point where his words in this interview/article are fawning.
I am referring to Mr. Tony Giorgio, a self confessed hustler and expert on various cheat moves whom Murphy envisions as a...what?...game protection consultant!!!
My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head when I saw this!
Please note that Mr. Giorgio has since passed away. A lot of what I wrote below I'd written back in 2008, just after Murphy's articles appeared in Allison's "Catwalk."
Below are some of Murphy's questions to Mr. Giorgio and some of his comments about Mr. Giorgio. After you read what Murphy has to say in this exchange versus what he said two months prior in his declaration of war against ex-cheaters turned consultants, you have to wonder what Murphy's motives were in each article. Surely he had good reason to so utterly contradict himself in front of thousands of trusting casino executives trying to learn who they can trust to educate their casino staffs in the very important fields of casino cheating and casino asset protection.
I'd surely like to hear Murphy explain this contradiction.
In light of this, what are these casino executives supposed to think? First, Murphy is telling them never to hire an ex-cheater to protect their casinos, then, two months later, he's endorsing a notorious ex-cheater to these same executives?
Here are Murphy's exact words, "Writing for The Catwalk has brought with it a plethora of interesting opportunities; none more fascinating than the different people I come in contact with through correspondence regarding my articles. The Catwalk provided me with yet another opportunity to meet a fascinating man; not for dating purposes, thank you very much. I'm happily married, yes to a woman, with a beautiful child. My sharing with you today is however, about an alternative romance and a life of true passion regarding one man's journey..."
Me: DOES MURPHY really have to assure us that he's not gay? Why would he?...kind of makes me wonder.
Murphy: "Tony Giorgio is the creator of an extensive training video revolving around the art of hand mucking and card manipulation called "The Ultimate Work." I have reviewed this training video first hand and found its merits toward casino training both valuable and educational. This training product is two full hours of step by step training in the art of hand mucking that even the best of the best can appreciate and gain from viewing. Tony offers his skilled art with an egoless charm and the true showmanship presently lost within today's mediocre training videos; making "The Ultimate Work" beneficial to all..."
Me: DIDN'T MURPHY in January say something about not valuing ex-cheats as rock stars? Suddenly two months later he is all gung-ho for ex-cheats displaying their "showmanship" for people eager to learn how to protect their casinos from hustlers and cheats. Talk about hypocrisy at its peak!
Murphy: "IT IS important to note, I'm not gaining any royalties by sharing these thoughts with you; I simply gain an opportunity by sharing and introducing a hidden treasure in the likes of Tony Giorgio..." 
Me: Come on, Jeff, we believe you're not simply out "hustling" Tony's DVD! Who would ever think that you're getting a cut of the profits?...Not me! And, by the way, as of this writing Tony Giorgio's website consists of nothing more than one page selling his DVD. So where is all the "beef" supporting this ex-cheater's alleged value to the game protection industry?
"The Catwalk's readers will be interested in your personal history. Please share..."
"Having reviewed The Ultimate Work, you appear to still have a great passion and skill to share. Any follow up productions slated to follow...?"
Me: Sounds like Jeff is eager to get the sequel DVD going and to get Mr. Giorgio into a new role as a casino consultant, and just two months ago Murphy expressed such utter distaste at this very thought!
HERE'S THE COUP DE GRACE! Murphy betrays his nearly religious crusade-like anti-hiring-ex-cheaters-as-consultants January belief and actually asks Tony Giorgio:
"Have you ever envisioned consulting for gaming or maybe even presenting a training session at a conference...?"
Me: Well, Jeff, maybe Tony will come out to Oregon and give your casino a few pointers! Sounds like that's what you want, no?
"I would personally like to thank Mr. Tony Giorgio for graciously taking the time to share his insights and experiences with our forum. Tony Giorgio's "The Ultimate Work" DVD can be located on-line at..."
Me: I refuse to make public Mr. Giorgio's website address because I do not want to promote his cheating DVD the way Jeff Murphy is doing. But, so there's no misunderstanding of who Tony Giorgio is, here are some of the facts he states on his website:
TONY GIORGIO played cards across the United States, on the Canadian prairies, in Cuba before the revolution and in the cantinas of Mexican border towns. He moved in private clubs, private games, floating games, athletic clubs, poolrooms, card rooms and casinos. He moved (cheated) on the unsophisticated and the sophisticated. GIORGIO played poker with the hoi-polloi, blue collar workers, rodeo riders and cowboys in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona; with miners in Montana, longshoremen with grappling hooks in their belts and New Orleans pimps sporting pearl-handled pistols. He played in limit-games for pocket change and in games played for high stakes. During his travels and play, he learned from the top hold-out men in the world and INVENTED AND USED MANY OF HIS OWN CHEATING MOVES WHICH HE NOW REVEALS.
In DVDs, which run over two hours, GIORGIO demonstrates and teaches the MACHINE BREAK and his many original variations. He shows never before exposed CARD-STEALS. There are heretofore unrevealed BLACKJACK and HOLE CARD-SWITCHES, MULTIPLE CARD SWITCHES, explanations and demonstrations of CAPPING THE DECK, CAPPING TO THE BOTTOM, CLEANING-UP, SPREADING DOWN, or PLAYING THE BRUSH. In great detail, GIORGIO teaches the ploy of playing with an extra card and MULTIPLE METHODS of cleaning it up (getting rid of the extra card). There are lengthy discussions and demonstrations of the art of concealment and the attitudes that allay suspicion. You will see and learn the moves that get the money. You will view every use of card palming in advantage play and its application.
In 2009, I received an email from Anthony Weiss, at the time Surveillance Director of the Borgata in Atlantic City and founder of the Atlantic City Surveillance Newsletter (ACSN), and today Surveillance Director of the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. He expressed his desire to interview me and publish it in his ACSN, saying that having me speak on matters of game protection would be invaluable to the entire casino industry.
I agreed to do the interview, which was by email, and I spent an entire day answering his numerous questions. You can read that interview here. Mr. Weiss reassured me that he was quite excited about publishing the interview in the ACSN.
Then, quite coincidentally, a week later, I noticed that Willy Allison interviewed Anthony Weiss! He published it in his "Catwalk."
And suddenly I had the funny feeling that the interview with me that Weiss so enthusiastically wanted to publish was never gonna see the light of ink!
And sure enough it didn't.
I then received this email from Weiss a few days later:
"Hi Richard, wanted to drop you a quick email thanking you for answering all of the questions for the article we worked on. At this time I have decided to hold back on releasing it on the internet version of the Catwalk for various reasons as it was not a fit for this particular issue.
I did not want to delete any of the material as you had requested and the regulatory comments caused a conflict as my real work is from within a casino organization.
With that being said, I must say that I appreciate both your time and effort and found the exchange of questions and answers to be impressive. The article is a fit somewhere so we'll see what happens down the road.
I appreciated your time and effort,
Regards, Tony"
Notice that Weiss said he didn't want to release it on the "Catwalk," which was Willy Allison's online newsletter at the time! Weiss had never mentioned the Catwalk before, and of course nothing happened to fit the article "somewhere down the road."
This is more crystal-clear evidence that Allison and his inner circle was out to get me blacklisted from the industry and he quashed Weiss's interview with me, and perhaps Weiss made a Freudian slip when mentioning Allison's Catwalk.
Here is my response to Weiss, which of course he did not respond to:
Please don't insult my intelligence. We both know that Willy Allison and others afraid of my entering the US game protection consultant market is the reason you are not publishing the article.
In any case, I spent an entire day working on those answers, and as you quashed it, the least you could do is reimburse me for my time. I would say that $200 is fair.
And your participating in blacklisting me really only does a disservice to the industry."
Do you believe me now?
Okay...Wait! I'm not done!
Then in 2010, out of the blue, I get an email from computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, who happened to be the keynote speaker at Allison's WGPC that year. Mitnick wanted me to help him with his presentation. Here's his email to me:
"Hi Richard,
I found your website this evening and would like to speak with you. Do you live in Las Vegas? I do, but I'm in Brazil till Thursday.
I wanted to pick your brain if possible. I'm doing a talk on information security in Vegas for a gaming convention. I was looking at attacks on RFID technology with respect to playing cards and chips, attacks on shuffle machines, and attacks on player loyalty cards, if possible. I haven't looked at the track data on these cards, but maybe there is a way to hijack another player's loyalty points, etc.
I found you in Google. I saw your write-up on Shuffle Master. Of course, a rogue insider can maybe build their own cheating shuffle machine and replace the electronics in a real Shuffle Master. Do the casinos actually verify the electronics inside as genuine?
I have an extensive background in hacking and social engineering. I even wrote a book on the latter.
All my best, if you can call me on (he wrote his phone number) that would be great!
Thank you, Kevin Mitnick"
Guess what? After a few more emails back and forth with Mitnick, he told me he'd heard I was "a charlatan" and was no longer interested in my help.
Wow! I wonder who told him that!
Hint: Someone connected to the world Game Protection Conference where Mitnick was speaking...And speaking of the WGPC, the badmouthing of me continued, year in and year out.
At one show, a magician named Jason England used the WGPC platform to publically berate me, and of course he'd never even met me. He accused me of writing fraudulent material about the Steve Forte high-tech poker cheating case among other things. I read much of England's online criticism of me, and it was so harsh and severe you would think he was mistaking me for Charles Manson!
Forte, also a magician and ex-casino game protection consultant, and a very close friend of England's, was arrested in July, 2007 at the Atlantic City Borgata Hotel and Casino in connection with a high-tech poker scam set up in one of the hotel's suites. Allegedly Forte was a participant in a cheat scam using digital cameras and other high-tech equipment to bilk a wealthy poker player in the game.
He was subsequently indicted, which is much more serious than simply being arrested. However, he was eventually acquitted.
At the time, I knew people working at the Borgata who gave me details of what they said had taken place in the hotel suite, that being an actual game in progress that was busted by New Jersey Gaming Enforcement agents.
In one of my articles on the case, I pointed out that just because Forte was not convicted does not mean he was innocent. I was challenged by several people close to Forte who wanted me to exonerate him on my blog and retract posts in which my opinion on his guilt or innocence was clearly stated.
I was not about to do that. The fact that Forte had been an ex-casino cheat turned game protection consultant accused of committing a gaming crime did not bode well for my own consulting business, and I was indeed upset with Forte.
My answer to my critics was: I openly invite Steve Forte to contact me and tell me what he was doing in that Borgata hotel suite if he were not somehow involved in the scam.
Jason England, himself on a crusade to clear Forte's name, gave long (and I mean long) interviews to several media outlets in order to convince the public of Forte's innocence. His "testimony" was so fraught with misdirection and confusing statements about police informants who either existed or didn't exist that Dick Tracy and maybe even Sherlock Holmes would have struggled to keep up with him.
But when England was asked the key question, which demanded a simple unevasive response--the same question I invited Mr. Forte to answer on my blog, to which England's interviewer prefaced with, "Okay then, here's the question that comes up over and over again: What was Steve doing there?" (meaning that Borgata hotel suite), England's response was, "What I can tell you was that Steve was prepared to take the stand and answer that question for a jury. Had that come to pass, the jury would have listened and believed him..."
NOW COME ON, JASON! Do you really think your answer sounds convincing to the public as far as Mr. Forte's innocence goes? Are we supposed to believe that since Steve was going to stand up to the jury he's excused from telling us what he was doing in the scam-suite?
Jason, you're either incredibly naive or just doing the best you can to cover up your friend's guilt. I know what I think.
For me, someone who is innocent and wants to get his name cleared, especially his reputation as a once respected game-protection consultant which was now smeared by an alleged betrayal of that very profession, would simply come out and tell everyone what he was doing in that Borgata hotel suite where a major poker-cheating scam was going down. 
I mean, heck, say that you were there with a prostitute! I mean say anything that gets you off the hook in the court of casino public opinion.
Mr. Forte never responded to me or anyone else, so to this day I stand by what I was told happened at the Borgata in 2007. I believe Mr. Forte was involved in this poker scam simply because he was there when it happened, and simply because he had already been charged with casino-cheating crimes prior to the 2007 Borgata incident, which England also claims never really took place. He says there was no poker game and a whole bunch of other stuff that defies any logical sense of criminal activity and investigation.
So Jason, I again ask you, if you do indeed know what Steve was doing there (perhaps he told you), to please enlighten me. I would surely post any response on my blog, and if that response is credible I will be the first to admit it and also admit I am the "imbecile, liar and wannabe" that you accused me of being in support of your friend.
And Jason England also happens to be a friend of Willy Allison's, who must have been delighted when England really carved me up when he had the platform at the WGPC.
Do you think Mr. England was invited back to the WGPC by Mr. Allison? 
And remember, I was not there to defend myself, which makes it very easy for the attendees listening to these rebukes against me to believe I am what England, Allison and other WGPC insiders accuse me of being when I am not there to defend myself.
But my defense is the same: Why has Steve Forte never come out and said publically what he was doing in that Borgata hotel suite when it was busted by New Jersey Gaming agents? Was he doing game protection work for the cheat scam? I don't mean to be mocking, but come on, people who are innocent usually have some kind of explanation for why they ended up charged with a crime they didn't commit.
All these attacks against me, each and every one of them motivated by collective worry that I would gain business training casino personnel in the field of game protection, were devastating and more or less ostracized me from the US market. 
So here we are, in 2018, more than 11 years since I keynoted Willy Allison's conference. And I am still fighting this "blacklisting" imposed on me for no other reason than I was fair competition to other game protection consultants who have been regulars at the WGPC and friends or business associates of Allison's.
But since taking my fight to Linkedin in January of this year, I am happy to say I am making progress and slowly re-establishing myself in the US game protection consultant/trainer market. The US casinos who have hired me are quite thankful they did. They know they have gotten the real deal when it comes to training their employees to protect their gaming tables.
And now word is beginning to spread that Richard Marcus really gives a good training session! No magic tricks, no memory tricks, just good solid and relevant game protection training. But don't take my word for it. Simply go to my profile page here and read the recommendations and check out my website game protection training page.
Finally to wrap this up, I ask all of you table games and surveillance directors and managers who have steadfastly refused to accept my Linkedin connection-invitations because you have heard all this BS about me to reconsider.
Please do not harbor these negative opinions about me and my training services without ever having met me or attended my training seminars.
Take a good look at the chain of events I have presented here and the evidence I have offered and ask yourself these questions:
Did the game protection people I accuse collude to evict me from the industry? Or are all those incidents I detailed simply happenstance?
Was Jeff Murphy's incendiary article about not hiring ex-casino cheats as consultants a direct attack on me?
Was his following article two months later in fawning support of hiring an ex-cheat evidence of just a bad memory about what he'd previously written?...Was it a sudden change of heart or attitude?..Or was it proof that his first article was really a caveat to casinos not to hire Richard Marcus--for the benefit of himself, Willy Allison and all the others who may have feared my entry into the game protection training market, which might have resulted in less business for themselves?
And when you reach the obvious conclusion, please consider me for training your casino staffs rather than someone less qualified who has badmouthed me in furtherance of his own career. And do so not because I'm a victim. Not because I deserve the opportunity. But because I am the only one who can really train your casino with true insight into all the aspects of casino cheating, which is absolutely invaluable to your floor and surveillance staffs.
I am the only casino game protection trainer who has this type of knowledge and experience. No matter what is said about me at the World Game Protection Conference, no one can alter this simple truth. Nobody else out there can show you how top professional casino-cheat teams operate and how they use set-up and psychology to take control of your floor staffs and neutralize your surveillance departments.
Only I can do it because I have done it...For 25 years!
And I will charge you less than half of What Willy Allison and the other WGPC trainers do.
Before I go, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to several people I may have disparaged undeservedly over the years in my blog articles. I guess I kind of attacked anyone and everyone I considered to be an ally of Willy Allison's in revenge for what Allison did to me.
I have no regrets, howwever, about criticizing Willy Allison and his WGPC. For me, the WGPC has moved farther and farther away from real game protection over the years. There is little in his "show" that actually deals with the subject. Instead it has become mostly smoke and mirrors, and now almost exclusively deals with things way outside the realm of traditional game protection, such as mass-shootings, crisis-leadership, cyber arms dealers and a host of other things and characters, some of them farsical, that seem designed only to draw bigger audiences rather than satisfy its promoted game protection platform.
I understand that Allison needs to expand his topics to prevent his audience from shrivelling, but it is way over the top when astronauts, nuclear scientists and cyber arms dealers are speaking at a game protection conference.
And I take special offense at Allison's use of the Las Vegas Massacre to expand his following. The 2018 version of the WGPC makes you believe that this type of casino mass-shooting will happen with the same frequency as school shootings. It won't, and if it does happen again, there is little we would have been able to do to prevent it, in spite of what Allison promotes on his Twitter account, such as innovative software that can tell us which sore losers and degenerative gamblers at the blackjack table are going to go up to their rooms, fetch their AR 15s, and come back to the casino shooting. (Gimme a break!)
I am not saying that casino surveillance and security forces need not be prepared for the posssibility of these attacks, rather I don't think they should be the main theme for a game protection conference.
You can read my article on game protection's role in casino mass-shootings here.
So please, reserve your casinos' game-protection budgets for real game protection and not for what Willy Allison shows it off to be.
Willy Allison is good-looking, smooth and sharp, but he is not the world's leading authority on casino cheating and casino game protection. Not even close to it.
Back to my apologies: the one person who comes to mind to whom I owe the biggest one is Darren Hoke, the current vice president of Operational Protection at the L'auberge casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I had on two occasions mentioned Darren in a negative light for no other reason than his association with Willy Allison. Darren is a very capable and experienced person and valuable to the game protection industry, and I am sorry for what I wrote about him.
I have also severely criticized Foxwoods casino for being so vulnerable to big-money baccarat scams over the years. This was not meant to be an assault on Foxwoods surveillance and table games personnel but rather a critique on the casino's internal controls and outside game protection consultants. So to be clear, Foxwoods surveillance and table games people are just as capable as their counterparts anywhere.
Okay, I've waited more than a decade and for the right forum to get all this out! Now I've had my say.
Many of you will rebuke me for writing this and continue believing in Willy Allison and his World Game Protection Conference and training services.
I just hope it's not most of you!
Thanks for hearing me out...