Saturday, July 01, 2017

Interesting Online Casino Cheat Article

I came across this article and find it well written and very informative. Is is about, a compnay that promises absolute transparency and zero house percentage. I don't have an opinion about, but the article deals quite well with online casino cheating.

Don't Take the 888 Casino Blog and its Star Writer Nicholas Colon too Seriously

888's Star Casino-Cheat Writer
A while back I wrote six articles for the 888 Casino blog. They only published two of them, which kind of pissed me off, even though I was paid for all six. I wondered what the problem was. I mean I have been writing casino articles about cheating and advantage play for more than a decade now, for blogs, magazines and even newspapers, and none of the publishers of my work ever seemed to have a problem with it.

But the editors at the 888 Casino Blog would never give me a straight answer as to why the majority of my articles were never published on its site. So I just let it go, cancelled my agreement with them but still continued to read the articles posted on it.

And slowly I began to see perhaps why they never published my articles. I don't want to sound haughty, but maybe my articles were too good and too real for them.

It seems to me that the bulk of their articles are exaggerated and inaccurate. Their constant coverage of ineffective roulette strategies, baccarat strategies, side-bet strategies to me is annoying.

Then their articles on cheat methods such as dice-control might make readers want to quit their day jobs and become potential Casino Cheats Hall of Fame inductees while in reality their cheating articles are ridiculous.

Take a recent one by Nicholas Colon, one of 888's star writers who has begun posting a barrage of casino advantage-play and cheating articles over the past several months.

The article of his that really got me going to write this critique is his latest casino-cheat article in which he calls Dustin Marks, a well-known cheat but who in reality did minimum damage to Las Vegas and other jurisdiction casinos, perhaps the greatest cheat of all time.

In his article, Colon states that Marks earned tens of millions of dollars during the four-year period of his blackjack career and as much as $150,000 in single sessions by way of marking cards, stacking cards, stacking chips...and even switching in coolers.


If Dustin Marks earned $150,000 total for his entire four years cheating, I'd be surprised! Look, I admit that written accounts of how many millions I earned during my 25-year cheat career are greatly exaggerated, but I promise you this: I sure as hell got a lot closer to tens of millions than Dustin Marks did!

Reading Colon's article on Dustin Marx as well as his other articles on 888's blog lead me to the conclusion that he is just another writer on the subject of casino cheating and advantage-play who doesn't know much about either.