Friday, March 31, 2017

Who's the Best Fictional Poker Cheat in History?

Paul Newman's Poker Cheat in "The Sting"
We've all see the poker films that have portrayed card sharps and poker cheats.

There was of course Paul Newman in "The "Sting." Then there were Lady Fingers and Shooter in "The Cincinnati Kid." Then of course there were Matt Damon and Edward Norton in "Rounders."

Several more were  depicted in the "Wild West" Films of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

But who was the best of the best of these poloroid cheats?

It's a good question, but for me the best of the best was Paul Newman when he stung Robert Shaw in "The Sting." Shaw had switched out the deck with the help of a handkerchief and replaced it with a deck set up to give Newman four 3s and himself four 9s, which would surely result in a bust-out hand for Newman.

But Newman, after he drew two cards to a starting hand of three 3s and received the fourh 3, somehow switched out his hand and replaced it with a hand containing four Jacks, busing out Shaw.

So this cheating the cheat hand or reverse poker cheat scam was the best fictional poker cheat of all time!