Saturday, March 25, 2017

13 Casino Cheats and Tons of Chaos Result in $160,000 Being Fleeced from Cambodian Casino---Well, Almost

Would anyone gamble on the square in this shithole?
If you ever wanted an example of how an unorganized and poorly run casino with no adherence to proper gaming procedure leads to being vulnerable to casino-cheat attacks, read the article below!

I mean, I've never been to Cambodia and would have guessed their casinos were somewhat poor in table game protection, but this is really too much to believe--13--count 'em--13 casino cheats in one casino-cheat team in the same casino at the same time..

They probably wore shirts with "CASINO CHEAT" logos on the backs. LOL

And all 13 were Cambodian nationals, who by Cambodian law are prohibited from gambling in Cambodian casinos in the first place.

Read the article here.

My take: Take a look at the photo! This place looks like a mess!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Rare: Chinese Mini-Baccarat Pastposter caught and arrested at New New York State Casino

More Chinese Bacarat Cheating
Why do I say "rare?"

Because even though the game of casino baccarat is the one of preference for virtually all Chinese casino cheats, hardly ever is the chosen method of casino-cheating pastposting. Chinese cheats almost always work in collusion scams with dealers and mainly use the false shuffle scam at baccarat.

This time, however, forty-nine year-old Chinese baccarat cheat Jing X. Jiang is accused of simply pastposting winning bets on the mini-baccarat table at the new del Lago Resort Casino near Rochester. He is said to have scammed the casino out of $6,000 with repetitive pastposting cheat moves, which means he was most likely working with $100 and/or $500 chips.

Now Mr. Jiang finds himself charged with Gambling fraud and Grand Larceny, both felonies, and could be looking at some prison time.

My take: Not to sound racist or anything, but I think Chinese baccarat cheats ought to stick to the false shuffle baccarat scams. Also, it should be noted that pastposting, especially when done with high-denomination chips, should only be done one time at any particular table. In my entire 25-year cheating career, I maybe performed multiple pastposts on the same table a dozen times.

Repetitive pastposts on the same table, be it baccarat, blackjack or roulette, usually lead to the same ending usffered by Mr. Jiang.