Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rape is Raped by Alabama Tribal Casino!

Are Tribal casinos getting too fair treatment?
Trouble understanding the title of this article?

Well, you'll get it in a minute.

Back in 2011, a man named Jerry Rape put $5 into an electronic slot machine. Lo and behold, it spit out a $1.4 million jackpot!

Well, that was quite temporary because the casino, the Wind Creek casino in Montgomery that is owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, told Mr. Rape that the machine that yielded the jackpot had malfunctioned.

Rape was not only not paid but taken to the back security room of the casino, held for 24 hours and repeatedly threatened as he was told he would not be receiving any money from Wind Creek casino.

So Rape sued the Tribe and the casino, but it didn't even matter how strong his case was. That's because the Tribe claimed it had tribal immunity within the federal law, and the Alabama Supreme Court agreed.

So, now you see how Mr. Rape was raped.