Friday, October 20, 2017

Is Austalia's Giant Crown Casino Cheating to get back at the Cheats?

Is the Crown cheatng its players?
A few years back, the Crown Casino in Melbourne was the victim of a giant insider-casino-scam to the tune of some $40 million. Several employees including surveillance inspectors rigged camera locations to film playing cards to be used at baccarat tables.

The scam hurt the Crown and was also a huge embarrassment.

Well, now the Crown casino itself has been accused of turning the tables on the cheats, that is the poker-machine tables. Whistleblowers in the country's federal parliament claim that Crown executives ordered the tampering of poker machines to increase the amount of money the players lot.

Of course casino authorities deny these very serious allegations, but if they are proven to be true, he harm to the Crown casino Melbourne and all its other worldwide casino properties could be devastating.