Monday, September 12, 2016

Casino Player Card Cheat Scams on the Rise at US Casinos

Mother/Daughter Player Card Cheats
As department stores and banks have always been victims of credit card fraud, casinos are more and more becoming victims of their own player card frauds.

And most of these scams are originating from casinos' own employees.

By changing personal data and accumulating bonus points using the cards, the phony cardholders win prizes and sometimes get lucky and win jackpots. Recently at the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, a mother-daughter casino cheat team, both of whom were casino employees, got arrested for committing a player card casino scam.

The mother, Alicia Harrison, who worked at the Golden Nugget, was altering the player cards and giving them to her daughter Crystal, an employee at the nearby Island View Casino in Gulfport, who won a series of jackpots totalling more than $10,000 using an assortment of falsified player cards.

This player card casino cheat scam has been prevalent in many of the country's gambling jurisdictions, even in Las Vegas, where the sums pilfered from casinos can be much higher than what happens in Mississippi casinos.

My take: This seems to be a casino scam that almost always blows up in the perpetrators' faces.