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Game Protection Post--How Bad Ass Casino Dealers Cheat Your Ass

Watch out!
Most casino gamblers believe that casinos do not need to cheat the customers because their profits are huge enough on the square.

What they overlook is that the vast majority of cheating in brick and mortar casinos is done by dealers in business for themselves who keep their casino bosses in the dark.

Suspicious gamblers, especially losing ones, will say that all dealers cheat at one time or another, and often bend their own bad-beat stories into horrific tales of being the victims of cheating dealers.

So what’s the truth?

It’s simply that casino cheating scams engineered by dealers or other casino employees are of a small proportion, but since there are so many casinos with so many tables, there are several episodes of dealer-cheating in all major casinos across the world—every day.

How do they do it?

They cheat in two basic formats.

One is to partner up with an “agent” to cheat their own casinos for individual profit. The other is to cheat legitimate players at their tables in order to replace the chips missing from their dealer chip racks.

That’s to say if Dealer-Peter is cheating the casino and dumping off those chips to his Partner-in-Cheating-Paul, he then has to cheat Poor-Innocent Mary out of her chips to balance out his chip rack and avoid suspicion.

5 ways Dealer-Peter cheats his casino and gets the chips to Partner-Paul
P    Paul plays at Peter’s mini-baccarat table. On a baccarat score card provided by the casino, he charts the exact order of the cards dealt from the first hand out of the shoe until the last hand.

Peter then performs a false shuffle of the six decks of cards and puts them into the shoe. Paul, knowing the exact order that the cards will come out of the new shoe, bets accordingly and kicks the casino’s ass.

Peter and Paul divvy up the money outside the casino after Peter’s shift.

      Paul next sits at Peter’s roulette table and buys in for chips. Peter, who has mastered the craft of roulette “section shooting,” by which he can control the ball so that it drops into a certain six-number quadrant on the spinning roulette wheel a fair percentage of the time, carefully monitors both the speed of the wheel’s revolutions and the speed with which he lances the roulette ball, and hits the desired quadrant more than probability would dictate.

Once again, Peter and Paul divvy up the cash over a cold one at the neighborhood tavern and play some live video poker.

3       Paul now strolls up to Peter’s blackjack table and takes a seat. He knows Peter will help him along in various ways.
a) Peter will “push” or even pay Paul’s losing hands.
b) Peter will overpay Paul when his hands do win.
      c) Peter will help Paul steer tens and aces to his hands off the top of the shoe through a method of controlled-shuffling whereby he protects the order of certain cards or clumps of cards.

      d) When dealing handheld blackjack games, Peter will take a surreptitious glance at the top card of the deck that Paul would receive on a hit, double-down or split. He will signal Paul how to proceed.

This time when the party’s over, they split up the booty in Peter’s apartment, which happens to have a blackjack table in the dining room so that Peter can practice his dealer-cheat moves.  

4        Paul takes a long walk to the other side of the behemoth live casino. Lo and behold, his buddy Peter is dealing a lively craps game, which is flowing along at an impressive pace. He hunkers in between two players along the human wall surrounding the craps table.

As is common with today’s craps tables, there is no supervising boxman seated at the middle of the table between Peter and the other dealer at the opposite end of the craps table.

a)      Paul makes a $50 bet on the Don’t Pass Line.
b)      The shooter rolls the dice and they come out 5-5 for a total of ten.
c)       Paul lays $100 double-odds against the shooter rolling another ten before he rolls a seven-out
d)      The shooter does roll the winner-ten and Paul’s bets lose.
e)      Paul quickly swipes his $100 double-odds bet off the layout before Peter can collect it for the house.
f)       Peter sees Paul do this but purposely ignores it.
g)      Paul loses only the original $50 Don’t Pass bet.
h)      The shooter rolls the dice and they come out 3-1 for a total of four.
i)        Paul lays $100 double-odds against the shooter rolling another four before he rolls a seven out.
j)        The shooter rolls the seven-out.
k)      Paul leaves both his winning bets on the layout.
l)        Peter pays them both.
m)    Paul wins $50 on each bet for a total profit of $100.

Paul continues swiping his losing odds bets off the layout in the dark, but leaves them intact when they win. Peter, knowing there is no one supervising him, just keeps paying Paul’s winners and ignoring the losers that Paul swipes off the layout.

This time the casino-cheating pair split up the profits at Paul’s house.
5       Finally Paul finds the brick and mortar poker room where Peter is dealing a $10-20 hold’em game. He sits down and immediately plays a hand. He receives his two cards face down and is delighted to see a pair of black aces. He tucks his cards underneath his chips in a predetermined way which signals the value of his hand to Peter, who immediately peeks at the top card to be burned before the flop.

By golly, he notes it’s a pretty red ace!

Instead of burning it, Peter holds it atop the deck and peels off the second card and burns it. Then he turns over the flop which contains the red ace. Paul goes on to make an aces full house and win the hand.

Paul continues playing with the artful dealer’s help and cleans up the poker game.

This final time, the happy boys cut up their ill-gotten gains at their girlfriends’ house (they’re sisters.)
Did we forget about Poor-Innocent Mary, the victim whom Peter has to cheat to hide the cheating-profits he made with Paul?

We did not!

So how does Peter cheat Mary?

The same way he cheated the casino with Paul, but in reverse.

When Mary sits at Peter’s blackjack table, he shortchanges her on winning hands, sweeps her bet on push hands, and just takes her losing chips when her hands lose.

Of course Mary might catch on and claim that Peter shortchanged her or took her chips on a push hand, to which Peter will apologize, make the correction--and then wait for the next “Mary” to hit his table.

The same vicious cycle continues on all the other games that Bad-Ass Peter deals in the casino.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Are Casinos Worldwide Under High-Tech Slot Machine Attacks?

High-tech slot attacks
Ever since a Russian high-tech slot machine cheat scam using smart phones recently came to light in Singapore (The FBI says this same plot has hit various US and Canadian casinos), casino operators are wondering how prevalent this problem is becoming with their machines.

They have good reason to be concerned.

The first thing that makes slot machines so appealing to high-tech cheats using equipment is that they do not really have to deal with the human element on the casino floor. Although slot machines are scrutinized by surveillance cameras and are somewhat patrolled on the floor, they do not receive the same human attention that table games do. This is because table games theoretically need supervison for every deal of the cards or roll of the dice while slot machines only need attention for jackpots and some other situations like malfunctions.

With that fact in mind, it is far less likely that a casino employee on the floor will catch on to a slot cheat using a smart phone or some other high-tech gadget at a bank of slot machines than at a casino table game. And it would also take casino surveillance longer to unravel a slot scam from video evidence than it would a blackjack or baccarat scam.

That said, in conjunction with the contined improvements in high-tech equipment that can be used to cheat or gain an edge in casinos, I do expect to see an increase in the commission of high-tech attacks on casino slot machines.

How can casinos fight this?

Firstly, by stepped-up patrols of their slot-machine banks and more routine reviews of surveillance video of slot-machine action, especially where big wins and jackpot wins have taken place.

Secondly, get floor staffs and surveillance staffs more educated as to how high-tech scams work.

Casino Cheat Couple use myChoice Card to Swipe $320,000 from Missouri Casino

Right Choice?
Daniel and Eileen Sheldon stumbled across quite a glitch in 
the River City Casino computer system while tracking their casino rewards via their myChoice card. They figured out that they could download unearned winnings and then simply withdraw the ill-gotten cash from their account.

During a three month period late in 2014, the pair allegedly downloaded false winnings from their myChoice card more than four thousand times!

That is a big number!

The total take was some $320,000.

The wife told police that she discovered the glitch in the River City Casino computer system quite by accident. Then she told her hubby and the pair decided to have a big myChoice party at the St. Louis casino. How exactly they were discovered has not been revealed, though there was sufficient evidence to charge both with crimes, each with significant bail bonds of $100,000.

My take: Although this type of computer-glitch-discovery-turned-into-illicit- profits is quite common across the financial world, it seems to occur more often in casinos than in banks or other institutions that deal with cash.


Your guess is as good as mine.

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Check Out Some of My Original Blackjack Articles--Both Cheating and Advantage Play

As many of you must know by now, my biggest passion since retiring from active casino cheating several years ago is writing. I have now been writing for this blog more than a decade.

I have also written five books about gambling and cheating and many magazine articles.

I am now beginning to write online blackjack, baccarat and roulette articles as well.

You can read some of them on this very informative site.