Saturday, March 12, 2016

How Cheating Live Casino Dealers Slip Under the Radar

Despite the state of the art high-tech video surveillance systems protecting land-based casinos throughout the world, those dishonest employees who want to cheat their bosses still operate with huge success. Of course I am talking mainly about cheating dealers, some of whom work in tandem with crooked supervisors and pit bosses, others who keep their cheating gigs to themselves and the partners they use to take the money off the tables.

Trust her?
These dealers use a variety of methods to cheat the house, to cheat other players and then dump off that money to their cohorts, and even to cheat other dealers out of customer tips in certain situations. I will cover these methods in an upcoming article.
But here I want to talk about how and why they get away with it.
First and foremost is that sharp dealers who are educated in the goings on with casino table-game protection and surveillance know that video cameras can actually be their friends and not the deterrence to cheating and stealing that most people think they are.

This is because with the advent of more  and more state of the art technology designed to pinpoint surveillance personnel to inside dealer-cheating scams, the human beings, both on the casino floor and upstairs in the surveillance room, have less and less of an idea as to what’s going on in the real live casino-cheating world.

Knowing that supervisors and pit bosses constantly depend on the cameras to protect their asses, dealers in business for themselves really slip it to them without their ever catching on.
And the ways they rake their extra-curricular profits off the table are usually very simple and for modest amounts at a crack.

You all know about the big false-shuffle baccarat scams where dealers partner-up with Asian gangs and take out huge sums of money. It is true that these major cheating scores are still occurring frequently today, but those dealers who do get caught performing them face stiff prison sentences and lifetime bans from the industry.

Which is why the vast majority of casino-cheating dealers stick with the small stuff: a few hundred bucks here, a few hundred bucks there—just enough to double or triple their legitimate casino earnings.