Thursday, April 02, 2015

April Fools' Casino Cheating Questions

No longer worth it?
Here we are into April, 2015, and I am still getting loads of ridiculous questions from would-be and wanna-be casino cheats and poker cheats. Leading the pack are those inquisitive novice casino cheaters who are still determined to steal their fortunes from brick and mortar casinos by way of using computers and scanners to beat the roulette wheels.

I have been saying for some time now that the window on roulette computer-cheating has been diminishing with an accelerating rate. This means that the old scanner-devices are no longer effective and that the new devices that are effective are very costly and accessible to a select few, who, unless they are more casino-skilled that just having their equipment, will run into the old casino-cheat-nemesis law known as casino-cheats' attrition. This means that even with the best roulette-ball reading devices, the casimos will catch up to you in a matter of time, usually quite quicker than is worth the investment.

So with this in mind, you no longer need to send me your roulette computer-cheatng queries, or anything else that has been clearly answered repeatedly in my blog.