Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inside-Dealer Baccarat Cheating Scams Continue to Proliferate

When will it all end? frustrated casino executives are asking.

I have said it before and I´ll say it again: NEVER!

The game of baccarat is just too tailor-made for dealer-agent casino-cheating partnerships, and despite the heavy criminal penalties for interstate and international casino-cheating operations, the Asian casino-cheat games keep on going. They recruit they´re dealers (sometimes not Asian), then send in their players to take the money off the high-stakes baccarat tables. This has been going on long before the infamous Tran Organization false-shuffle scam broke nearly a decade ago, and it will continue for decades to come.

The casino most hit by these inside baccarat scams is Foxwoods in Connecticut. I have been saying for years that this is the easiest casino in the world to cheat, despite their investing thousands of dollars in game protection from casino consultant Bill Zender and others, who are obviously not enough to win Foxwoods´ war against the casino cheats.

The most recent insider cheat-ring to sting Foxwoods was just last December where a dealer was arrested for dumping a cool half-million on a group of his fellow Asian players. And don´t forget, this is only the last major case we know about. I am sure there have been others going on there that remain undetected.

A month before that in November, three Chinese nationals were denied more than a million in winnings after being accused of a Phil-Ivey-type edge-sorting scam at the baccarat table. There was no mention of inside dealer help in that case, but I firmly believe it was there, The three Chinese gamblers are currently suing Foxwoods for $3 million, which will never be awarded to them.

These scams are also continuing to flourish in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and I see no end to this tidal wave of baccarat cheating.