Monday, December 29, 2014

Casinos on the Lookout For New Year`s Eve Casino and Poker Cheats!

I have mentioned many times over the years that New Year`s Eve is the biggest night of the year for casino cheats as well as poker cheats, mainly for professionals. And the most important gambling area in the world for them on this night is clearly Las Vegas, where I have made HUGE scores during my days as the World`s most prolific casino cheat.

Casino surveillance and investigative agencies know this as well, thus they will be out in numbers patrolling casino floors and poker rooms, and they will be passing along info to all their client casinos upon spotting known professional cheats.

But does this mean they will be effective stopping the hordes of casino cheats New Year`s Eve?

Not really. They might make an arrest or two, but with the huge crowds and party atmosphere flowing up and down the Strip and along Fremont Street, the casino cheats and the poker cheats will make more than enough cash cheating to pay for their expensive champagne during their celebratory parites after cashing out their chips!