Monday, November 03, 2014

Casino Cheats wearing Halloween Masks Storm thru Vegas Casinos!

Find me!
And they made a killing while none were apprehended! This is because Halloween night is a special event on the casino and poker cheats´ calender. It is the only time of the year when they get to work the casinos and poker rooms with either no identity or various identities. What I mean is simply that they can hide behind their masks when they do their cheat moves, and then take them off afterwards. This is key when a cheat is taking heat in the casino. Imagine a guy wearing a Frankenstein mask cheats the blackjack table and the casino gets on to him. Then the cheat gets up, hurries around a bank of slot machines and then takes off his mask. He then has the option of putting on another mask that he has crunched in his jacket pocket, or simply continue his escape wearing his real face.

I´d take his odds of successfully escaping the casino on Halloween night any day!!!