Friday, May 23, 2014

Any turth to Cirque du Soliel Billionaire Guy Laliberté´s Poker-Collusion-Victim Claims?

Stacks gone to colluders?
Well, the timing couldn´t be better, right? Just a few weeks before the start of the 2014 WSOP and Laliberté comes out with claims that professional poker colluders, mainly players from the Full Tilt team, cheated him out of tens of millions of dollars via collusion.

What do I think? It´s probably true. These poker-playing billionaires have so much money that they can easily get carried away and lose ten million here or twenty million there, and who´s better to do the taking than professional poker colluders. Like in any poker-collusion case, the cheating is almost impossible to prove. That´s why colluders do it in the first place: there simply is no risk. Based on interviews given by Laliberté and my own personal knowledge on these Full Tilt guys, I tend to believe him.

Do I think this will stop Laliberté from continuing his live poker-playing career?