Monday, March 03, 2014

The Cheating Beat goes on in Singapore Casinos

Maze of Marina Bay Cheat Tables
It seems to me like the casinos in Singapore are becoming the ¨Foxwoods¨ of Asia. Every time I turn around I get another report of a casino-cheating incident in one of its casinos. The latest rash of casino cheats have been going down almost daily at the Marina Bay Sands. This time it was a group with a blackjack counting machine and another with a roulette computer. I  had thought the use of roulette computers to cheat casino coulette wheels had fallen by the wayside, but I guess even outdated casino cheating methods are still in fashion in ¨Foxwoods Far East.¨

As far as the US Foxwoods casino in Connecticut goes, it is still the favorite American casino to cheat, especially among the Asians with their baccarat scams.