Saturday, April 26, 2014

Should Phil Ivey be Banned from Professional Poker for Being a Casino-Cheat?

This is the kind of issue that will always gather momentum from each side. There are two typical points of view on this. The first is that he has never been accused of cheating in any poker scenario, therefore he should not be banned from playing any form of poker. The second is that he is an alleged casino-cheat, at least by those who considered playing-card edge-sorting to be cheating.

What do I think about it? I think he should be banned from professional poker. I know that may sound strange coming from one of the most prolific all-time casino cheats. But, then again, I never entered any other casino money-making world. My reasoning is that cheating casinos is too close to cheating at poker. I mean, after all, both poker and casino games like baccarat take place in casinos.An analogy I can make is a professional football player getting caught taking steroids while playing a second professional sport, most likely baseball. Just on reputation alone, Ivey, whose is now sullied by multiple casino cheating accusations and lawsuits, should get a lifetime ban from playing in any professional poker tournament.

Hey Phil, if you're not doing anything, how 'bout teaming up with me for a little casino-cheating romp!!! LOL