Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New TV Show "Vegas" Uses Atlantic City Borgata Poker Cheating Incident on Latest Episode

Remember, the big high-stakes, high-tech poker scam busted up in a penthouse suite at the Atlantic City Borgata hotel and casino? If not, its the one that ex-casino game protection consultant and convicted casino cheat Steve Forte was originally accused of engineering. Supposedly high-tech cameras and computers were used to film players' hole cards and transmit the information to cohort poker cheats taking down the victims at the table.

 In the "Vegas version,"the casino boss character Mia askes the character Jack to figure out how a poker cheat from Providence is cheating high-stakes players in a private game in a hotel suite. Jack convinces Mia to let him play in the game and he figures out that the poker cheat is working with another poker cheat who is spying on the game from the room above. Of course he is doing this through a hole in the ceiling.

 My take: Well, I would think the creative writers for the show could come up with something a bit more original, and at the same time I`m wondering if they used Steve Forte as a production consultant.