Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Any Truth To Those Blackjack Lasers Supposedly Used To Scan Blackjack Shuffles?

I received this email from a seemingly knowledgeable person: 

 I was in the Casino Gaming business (Table Game) for 33 yrs and yes, an Asian group of cheaters perfected a 'laser', placed it in a cigarette pack, placed it on the BJ table, aimed it toward the Shuffle Master Shuffler and did create what is now known as "The Computer Cooler" thus allowing them to know the exact order of the 6 deck shoe that is about to be dealt to them. 

If you don't believe me, contact Shuffle Master because I actually saw an article from Shuffle Master admitting that their shuffler had been compromised by this laser and they took the necessary steps to correct this flaw. I believe it happened around mid to late 90's.When the shufflers first came out, so that the players could see that the cards were actually being shuffled, they created a batch shuffler that had a 'smoked-glass-window' so that the players could see cards being shuffled. Because the glass was somewhat transparent, the laser beam could track the card order. 

Do you know how they discovered the laser? The cheaters used their laser at a casino that still had some black and white cameras in use over their BJ games. Funny thing about a laser beam, color cameras can't see the beam but black and white cameras can. Surveillance noticed this red beam coming out of a player's cigarette pack aimed at the shuffling machine and discovered this cheating move by accident. Check it out and would love to hear back from you to see if you did find this to be true or if I am some nut job with a huge imagination. My mind doesn't work like it used to but I am 99.9% sure that what I just wrote is accurate. Please let me know. 

My take: well, is this possible? Not only is it possible but I would not be surprised if it has already happened! Shuffle Master automatic card shufflers have already been compromised several times, both by crooked dealers and players from the outside, so a laser attack on the vaunted card-shuffling machines is by no means a stretch of the imagination.