Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Casino Cheating Literature Professor?

Bet Capping
By golly, my deareth it true?

According to authorities in the State of Missouri, it is. And of all things, this professor is being accused of capping and pastposting bets. Please don't let the gaming officials take a pound of his flesh!

According to CBS St. Louis, here's what happened:

A Southeast Missouri State University professor pleaded not guilty to charges that he cheated at Cape Girardeau´s casino.

Sixty-six year-old Roger C. Arpin, a longtime literature professor, entered the plea Monday. He was arrested Friday at the Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. He is charged with "capping" his bets at a blackjack table, meaning he allegedly added to a bet after the cards were dealt and he knew he had an advantage.

The Southeast Missourian reports that Arpin is the first person arrested for cheating at the Cape Girardeau casino since it opened Oct. 30. State gaming officials state that 44 others have been arrested in Missouri´s casinos so far this year.

The charge carries a mazimum of four years in state prison. Anyone convicted of cheating casinos in Missouri is automatically banned for life from all the state´s 13 casinos.

My take: Shouldn´t Professor Arpin, if he is guilty of this, be counting cards at blackjack instead? This way he would be using his intelligence instead of risking his ass!!

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